Which Foods Famous Models Never Eat

To be at the top, models must be mindful of how they look. This means that they must be strictly careful about their diet and what they eat. Read which foods famous models never eat and what they prefer to eat instead of peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.

foods famous models never eat

Which Foods Famous Models Never Eat And Why Is That So

Famous models have given up many things without which we could not imagine life, in the name of success. The most interesting thing about angels is that they do not consume products that nutritionists say they are healthy and necessary, as peppers and tomatoes.

Some of them, like Gisele B√ľndchen, eat only organic food.

“Everything starts with what I eat. I am very careful with my portion and I exercise constantly, “- said longstanding model Adriana Lima.

Besides these vegetables, on the list of products that are not consumed, you will find caffeine, sugar, dairy products, mushrooms, and gluten rich food. Many people may not behave, but plus size models also take care of every gram of food that is entered in their bodies.

what do models eat

Thus, the new sensation plus size model Iskra Lawrence, don’t eat eggplant.

Elsa Hosk says most of her meals, especially a few months before the main show are replaced with juices, she usually drink plenty of juices. Elsa favorite mix is ginger, pepper, hot water and lemon. She said “I drink a lot of liquids to cleanse my entire system.”

Some of the famous models are more relaxed, they don’t exercise so much and from time to time they can please themselves with a hamburger from McDonald’s.

Basically, every famous model will say that if you want to look perfect, it is important to eat more protein foods and vegetables. This trend is not only among the weak models, but it is also among plus size models.

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