What Should You Do to Help Someone With Depression?

Depression is a mental state which includes sadness, desperation and helplessness with duration of two weeks or much longer. Depression is often followed by loss of will to live, energy loss and difficulty in carrying out daily activities. People who suffer from depression can’t sleep, they feel tired, and despite the care and support you are giving to them that won’t solve their problem.

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Here are some tips how you can help someone with depression

Most of the people with depression are feeling down not just for a few days, but they can stay in that situation for weeks or months. They feel sad, disappoint like there is no one that can help them.

1. Support them in the treatment

If someone broke an arm or get cold they go to a doctor to prescribe a treatment for them, it is the same with depression. People with depression need psychological and medical care, the problem won’t go away if it is ignored. Tell your loved one or your friend that depression is a medical problem and stay with them during their treatments.

2. Read books about depression

Reading books during the depression can be helpful, especially when the source of the book is reliable. You can get some extra tips about the types of treatment and how to get over depression.

3. Contact your friend with depression

People with depression may become isolated because they think that they will disturb the others with their problems. Stay in contact with your depressed friend and invite him or her to an activity you daily do. You can choose an activity that your friend finds it interesting and fun, so the bout of you will be satisfied.

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4. Encourage them to visit a doctor

Inspire the person to see a doctor, psychologist or physician and motivate them to take the prescribed medications. Some people may not know that they are suffering from depression and you need to tell them that this situation can get worse or chronic if they don’t treat it.

5. Talk about depression

Talk to your loved ones and tell them that you and a lot of other persons care about them, love them and they will do everything to help them. Listen what they are talking about, let them open their mind to you and speak about what is conserving them. This method will reduce the risk of suicide, so the next time listen carefully and talk about depression.

It is important the person who think that has depression to see a doctor because the depression has a variety of symptoms. Stay with your friend despite he/she has depression, support them in their treatment and most of all talk about it, talk about their feeling and their thoughts.

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