What Effect have Coca Cola and Energy Drinks on Teeth

A dentist from the US, Tom Bierman made an experiment about the impact of Coca Cola and energy drinks on his teeth. He read about the impact of seven new energy drinks on aluminum cans, or how exactly these drinks are highly corrosive to cans. He was wondering how would this effect his teeth and what will be the changes on them.

coca cola effect ON teeth

Experiment made on wisdom teeth

He decided to do an experiment on his own wisdom teeth who have pulled out 15 years ago. On the one tooth, he spilled Coca Cola and on the other wisdom tooth, he spilled energy drink. On the other two wisdom teeth, he spilled Coca Cola without sugar and plain water.

How do Coca Cola Effect Your Teeth?

coca cola bad for teeth

After two weeks the situation was as follows: the tooth immersed in Coca Cola almost was black and the one with diet juice was painted, but there were no dramatic changes. The tooth immersed in the energy drink got pink parts, and some parts are also painted in the color of rust, while tartar began to decay.

What are Energy Drinks Doing to Your Teeth

energy drinks bad for teeth

– It seems that the rust color appeared at places which in the beginning the tooth was yellow, and the most alarming is that the enamel in some places decreased. The enamel is a protective layer of the tooth, and when this layer is damaged, the tooth becomes sensitive to external influences. Tooth pain appears and the risk of spoilage is increased.

The consequences of tooth immersed in energy drink are huge, explained the dentist. Tom added that even worse is that the energy drink which was tested was without sugar. Also, he warned that daily consumption of these drinks for a long-term can harm our teeth.

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