Top 15 Health & Fitness Apps for your Smartphone

Smartphones may have gone their extra miles, but if you haven’t already, then it’s your time of doing so. The current generation is more prone to being obese, thanks to the tastiest treats we give ourselves every day. We don’t ask anyone to lose their appetite for delicacy, but instead to make some effort of losing weight.

best health apps for smartphones

Best Health and Fitness Apps for iOS and Android Devices

With smartphones and wearables at everyone’s reach in 2017, losing weight has never been easier! If you are in the weight loss game for this year, then we have found you 25 apps that can effectively keep track of all your activities. And if this is not the case, in case you are looking for something lightweight like a music workout app then we got you covered as well.

1. Charity Miles – Walking & Running Tracker

use charity miles running app

If you ever feel useless and can’t find your worth for gaining all those pounds and running for ‘nothing’, then Charity Miles could add some meaning to your life. For every mile you run, few cents are added to your profile and Charity Miles will eventually donate the money you earn for good deeds. The app shows some sort of branding in the background when the app is running, these corporate sponsors are the managing authorities for the money you earn. You could choose your own charity that matches with your mindset and then hit the road on foot. It’s free. Download this app for Android or iOS devices.

2. Digifit iCardio – Cardio Workout & Heart Rate Trainer

For precise data on workouts, you can’t really only rely on your smartphone’s sensors e.g. GPS module and accelerometer. Instead, some more advanced equipment like a smartphone compatible heart beat monitor or a good fitness tracker is needed. Digfit iCardio can effectively pair with such equipment and provide all the in-depth stats you need to your workout, calorie burn, health stats etc. Apart from cardio, the app can track cycling, walking, running, swimming etc. as well. This app is available for Apple Watch, iOS and Android Devices. Get this app for Android or iOS devices.

3. Cyclemeter – Cycling and Mountain Biking

cycling tracking app

If you are into cycling and not taking a long walk, then you should have Cyclemeter installed on your smartphone. Although Android users are out of luck because this seemingly best cycling tracking app is only available for the iOS platform. All the features have really been thought out for the perfect outcome to the fitness concerned people. It’s more like an information cluster for your cycle because no calorie would be tracked. Advanced features would cost $4.99 and can be downloaded on your iOS devices.

4. Endomondo – Running, Walking and Biking

Apparently, the best fitness app available in this category is Endomondo. There’s a free version but if you need to use all the features, you either pay $5.99/month or $29.99/year. The premium features are totally worth your money if you are a serious workout person. Cycling, walking, running – Endomondo covers everything. You could plan your trip route, get coaching and many other features. Download this app for iOS devices or Android.

5. FIT Radio – Running and Workout Music

fit radio running playlists app

Working out with music rhythm has always been fun. FIT Radio does the job well! The user would have access to music mixed by various DJs all over the world. A specific genre tasteful to the user’s ears could be chosen, or the app could choose some for the user. Depending on the workout the music would change. $3.99/month or $27.99/year is charged for more than one genre of music. One is free! Get this app for iOS or Android.

6. Fitbit – Health and Fitness App

Fitbit makes great fitness trackers but many people don’t know – they have an excellent fitness tracking app as well. Fitbit app can pair with almost any popular fitness trackers and if you don’t have any, it can work based on the smartphone sensors as well. However, without any tracker, you need to carry your smartphone in your pocket for all day long for the most accurate output. Fifbit app can be downloaded for your iOS devices.

7. FitStar – Personal Coaching

best health apps for iphone

There’s no one-fits-for-all exercise plan, every human body needs to have their own diet and exercise chart for a toned and healthy body. FitStar can create custom workouts based on your present health data and take feedback afterward – whether the exercise was too easy, okay or too rough. Fitbit owns the service FitStar, it is a paid service. Users can either go for a $7.99 monthly payment or $39.99 yearly. Get this app for iOS or Android devices.

8. The Johnson & Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout

This app can effectively create a workout plan for you to shape up your body a little bit. This app is free, you don’t have to pay any sort of subscription fees. All the workouts logged into this app take only 7 minutes to perform. You don’t even have to be outside, just grab a chair and do whatever the app says! However, warming up beforehand could take around 4-5 to minutes, which adds up to the 7 minutes previously said. Download this app for iOS or Android.

9. Map My Fitness – GPS Workout Trainer

map my fitness app

There are around 600 activities included within this app’s feature list. Just install Map My Fitness and track any sort of physical activity you would like to track. We have tested out Map My Fitness for walking, running and cycling and the tracking was accurate almost all the time. Smartphone sensors like GPS and accelerometer are used to keep accurate track of your location and speed. The app is free, but some feature requires a $5.99/month subscription. iOS | Android.

10. Jefit Workout – Gym Log Exercise Trainer

No one carries a bulky laptop to the gym for counting their reps or sets. It’s either done in the brain, or with the smartphone-based fitness era apps could do all these work. A lot of free tools are added to Jefit Workout for tracking activities like weight lifting, push-ups, planks etc. It’s not really an app full of features, but the job is done very effectively. Download this app for your iOS device or Android.

11. My Asics Run Coaching

my asics run app

With this app, one can plan their running trips beforehand by selecting a route on the map. This app is created by sneakers company Asics, so you could expect some really worthy feature compilation. There’s an option to track race training schedule for first 3,000 miles or a marathon. Although it’s a premium feature in most fitness tracking apps, but a regular feature for My Asics Run Training. Get this app for your iOS device or Android.

12. My Fitness Pal – Diet Tracker & Calorie Counter

My Fitness Pal allows its users to keep track of whatever is eaten throughout the day. Foods are getting tastier but there’s more junk in them at the same time, therefore keeping track of daily intakes is kind of necessary. My Fitness Pal got your back, you only have to manually input all the food you consume through a day. The wide range of food items in the app database is very helpful regarding this manner. Download My Fitness Pal for iOS or Android.

13. Pear Personal Coach App

best health app for android

All personal workouts are taken care through the Pear Personal Coach fitness tracking app. One could track runs, walks, lightweight workouts, yoga etc. Also, there’s a voice based output which makes personal fitness coaching more lifelike. Pear Personal Coach comes for free, however, some advanced features might cost some money. Download this app for iOS or Android.

14. Rock My Run – Running & Workout Music

Rock My Run does a very simple task; it changes your current music tempo to a somewhat faster pace to match your running. You may leave it on the app to set the tempo based on your running pace or choose a tempo by yourself. A lot of music genres are included within the app to entertain you through your workout and make it a fun experience. Get this awesome app for iOS or Android.

15. Vida Health Coach App

vida health coach app

Vida Health Coach can profile professional coaching for your fitness through the app. It’s a full-fledged coaching facility and therefore, the pricing is quite premium. To attain all the features Vida Health Coach provides, one needs to pay $15 per week. Those who are highly concerned about fitness and weight loss should find the investment worth and the app very useful. Download this app for iOS devices or Android.

All these 15 apps are downloadable through their respective app stores. While most are available for both Apple and Android platforms, some may only be available for either of these two.

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