10 Symptoms That Highly Stressed People Have

Response of the nervous system to release adrenaline and cortisol hormones when we are under pressure and when we feel threatened is called stress.

stress symptoms

Ten silent stress symptoms

Stevan E. Hobfoll (PhD scholar at Rush University medical sector) expressed views on stress. According to Stevan the anxiety about Monday is the hard reality of today’s life. But if all working days of a week are making you stressed and you are encountering any of the following signs then surely you are way too stressed. Here are ten silent stress symptoms.

1. Weekend Headaches

Todd Schwedt (MD Director of the Washington University Headache center) recommended that you should follow the weekday eating and sleeping habits on weekends. This will save you from a migraine that can happen because of the abrupt drop in your stress.

2. Vile Period Pangs

Experts at Harvard University said that the women with a stress of work will face more vile period pangs as compared to the relaxed women. The only way out from stress is to have some walk or some workout.

3. Different kind of allergies

stress cause allergies

Ohio University College carried out experiment regarding a connection between stress and allergies. They find out that because of the increased stress level, the production of IgE which is blood protein is also increased, and it results in different kind of allergies.

4. Pain in the Mouth

According to Matthew Messina (consumer advisor at American Dental Association), you can have severe pain in your jaws because of teeth grinding in the night. The teeth grinding is because of stress and it can be avoided if you can use mouth guard recommended by your dentist.

5. Chocolate Cravings

Researchers at Pennsylvania University linked the increase in chocolate craving not only to the disturbance in female hormones but also to the increase in stress level.

6. Bleeding Gums

stress cause bleeding gums

With regard to around 14 Brazilian case studies, the stress can result in bleeding from your gums. If you don’t have normal sleeping hours and proper exercise the bacteria will infect the gums and they will bleed.

7. Weird Dreams

Rosalind Cartwright (Emeritus professor of Psychology at Rush University) says stressful days will not let you sleep properly and have positive dreams. Positive dreams uplift your mood but when you cannot sleep properly you will have a bad day again. 7 to 8-hour sleep per day without taking drinks containing alcohol or caffeine at bedtime can give you sound sleep.

8. Unexpected Acne

Gill Yosipovitch (MD, Clinical Professor of dermatology at Wake Forest University) said that the acne can appear on your face out of nowhere because of stress. It may push you in the condition where you need proper medical treatment if the acne won’t disappear, even if you are using anti-acne lotions.

9. Pruritus skin


In Japan 2000 working people were examined  for pruritus skin, and it was opined by many skin experts that the itchy skin may cause stress but sometimes stress cause itchy skin. When the person is under high stress he is more likely to suffer from skin diseases such as eczema and dermatitis.

10. Pain in the Tummy

The problems created by stress are not going to end here. High stress is also responsible for pain in the stomach. The exact reason of pain in the stomach is a little bit hazy. Still according to many studies stressed people experience pain in the stomach because stomach and brain share the same nerve pathway. When the brain reacts to the stress so do the stomach and you feel pain in your belly.

Many people are felling stress during the day, especially when they have so much work to do and they can’t complete all their tasks. A weekend headache, allergies, acne, bellyaches are some of the symptoms that stressed people have.

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