Symptoms Every Woman Should Know about Perimenopause

Women go through period called perimenopause, before they come to menopause. Here are 5 symptoms that will show you that you are reaching this stage. But first let’s explain the women biological clock use as a term for woman’s fertility. Before menopause woman’s go through a period called perimenopause , where the body’s beguine’s to drop of the productions of the hormones estrogen and progesterone.

symptoms about perimenopause

These leads to shorten menstrual cycles that can last anywhere from two to five years, and if the women has gone 12 months without a period then she is consider fully menopause. National institution of aging claimed that average age where women go in menopause is 51, but small number of women starts reaching menopause in late 30.

5 Symptoms showing that you are in perimenopause

  • Irregular cycle: Doctors often say that the first sign the woman is attending to enter in menopause is the changes in that women’s cycle. The level of estrogen in the body oscillates and causes irregular menstrual cycle, so the woman is facing with fluctuating lengths of time in between periods or skipping some periods entirely.
  • Suffering hot flashes: About half of the women in perimenopause suffer from hot flashes, which can be easygoing or intensive swathing. The experts believed that the decrease of estrogen in the body plays the role of these hot flashes. Avoiding spicy food, alcohol, caffeine may help you with this symptom and make it less terrible.
  • Heavy period bleeding: For this symptom we can blame it the progesterone and its decreasing level. In these stage ovulation is more unpredictable and the endometrium grows chunky, which is not a case in a normal menstrual period, causing heavy bleeding. If you have this symptom you can ask your doctor to prescribe low dose hormones.
  • Vaginal dryness: Another side effect that is not welcome is vaginal dryness. Because the level of estrogen drops it causes the vaginal tissue to no longer have its elasticity and lubrication which can lead to pain during a sexual activity. To easier this discomfort you can use vaginal lubricant and moisturizers.
  • Change in your mood: The most common symptom of perimenopause is mood changes, which can lead to irritability and anger. Nearly 40% of the women have mood swings related with the change of the hormones.

There are different symptoms from person to person and that is why it is difficult doctors to recognize. There are few common sings that can tell if the woman is in perimenopause, and if you are expiring some of these you need to talk to your doctor.

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