10 Symptoms You May Have an Anxiety Disorder

To get nervous from time to time is quite normal. The public appearance, public speaking, interview and many other events can make someone nervous, but when you are nervous for a quite a long time, and when the tension for small things starts affecting your life, at that very time nervousness is turned into anxiety.

Sings and Symptoms of Anxiety

It is very difficult to differentiate between anxiety and nervousness. Here are some symptoms, and if you experience them in your life there is a possibility that you are suffering from anxiety.

1. Extreme Concern About the Daily Issues

The most important distinction between nervousness and anxiety is the extreme concern about the daily issues. When you start getting worried about the small things such as “the car might not start in the morning”, “your boss will not be happy with your work” or “your children will not be safe, and when these worries occupy your life continuously for six months then it means that you are clearly suffering from anxiety disorder.

2. Illogical Fears

Phobia is another form of anxiety but it is associated with certain things such as water, height, and crowd. You can spend your life by not visiting high mountains or places that are full of crowds but this is not the solution. When the things get out of your hands related to phobia, you need to see a doctor to get over the things.

3. Sleep Problems

Not to sleep before some important day is normal but not to sleep normally before every normal day is not normal at all. When you cannot sleep because you are worried about something this clearly signifies that you are suffering from anxiety.

4. Chronic Dyspepsia

anxiety cause chronic dyspepsia

The most sensitive organ towards anxiety is the stomach. The stomach is the first organ that gives you the alarm that you are actually suffering from anxiety. We cannot say that the disturbance in the stomach is always related to anxiety but most of the times it is actually related. And when they occur together, they cause damage to your body.

5. Tension in The Muscles

Sometimes muscles are also badly affected by the anxiety. People who are suffering from anxiety also face with the heat in their muscles. They complain about the stiff muscles, and the doctors recommend that the regular exercises will not only help in getting rid of anxiety but it will also help in getting rid of stiff muscles.

6. Stage Phobia

To get a little bit nervous before any appearance on stage is quite normal, but it is not normal when the only thing in your mind is how not to appear on stage, and you continue to think about the judgments in the mind of your spectators. To think regularly about what people think about you, more than it is required is a sign of social anxiety. Social anxiety can even make you more and more cognizant about what people are thinking about you. This even pushes you to the state when you stop interacting with people.

7. Hallucinations

The big alarm for anxiety is when you have hallucinations about all the tragic events of your life. These tragic events of your life continue to occupy your life for a long period of time, and sometimes the anxiety patients even make the normal events as the tragic ones.

8. Panic Attack

anxiety cause panic attack

Sometimes you can feel the wave of panic in your body. When your body starts sweating, even in the cold winter day, when you cannot breathe properly and when you even tremble you are facing a panic attack. This state is quite normal when it occurs for the valid reason but when you are experiencing panic attack without any valid reason then you are suffering from an anxiety.

9. Sense of Flawlessness

When you are to much concern about your appearance, the way you walk, the way you talk and about so many other things then probably you are suffering from anxiety. Indirectly you are more concerned about how people think about you and how you are going to be judged. If you can’t get out of the house for two hours because your makeup has to be absolutely just right and you have to keep starting over then you are may have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder or OCD.

10. Compulsive Behavior Along with Self-Skepticism

When you are involved in more and more rituals unnecessarily and also when you are doubting about your own self and you have no self-belief you may be self-skeptic. If you like your radio at volume level 4, for example, and it breaks and gets stuck on 5, and if you are in a total panic until you could get it fixed then you have Compulsive behavior.

If you have panic attacks, sleeping problem, illogical fears or extreme concerns you may suffer from anxiety. Get nervous from time to time is quite normal, but if your worries occupy your daily life continuously then you need to ask for medical help and to see a doctor.

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