Symptoms and Causes you Should Know About Diabetes

Insulin is the hormone produced by our body for maintaining the glucose and sugar level. If your body is not producing the required quantity of insulin then you are suffering from diabetes.

diabetes symptoms and causes

How do you know if you have diabetes

It is very difficult to diagnose diabetes because it shows few or no symptoms at all in the beginning. If it will not be treated it can result in kidney failure, strokes, and even blindness.

Symptoms of diabetes

There are some symptoms that can help you in detecting diabetes early. If you are feeling very thirsty even after drinking plenty of water, very hungry even after taking your routine food, urinating often, extreme fatigue, weight loss, and blurry images then there are chances that you members.

How can you know if you have a risk of diabetes

If you are not experiencing all these symptoms, there is still possibility that you have diabetes if:

  • You don’t exercise regularly and you are overweight;
  • You are in your mid-40’s;
  • Any of your family members have diabetes;
  • You had gestation diabetes during pregnancy;
  • You are not European, Canadian, American and Australian.

If you have the above symptoms or these factors in you, ask your doctor to test you for diabetes.

How can diabetes be tested?

diabetes screening test

Diabetes can be detected with the help of screening test. In this test you have to give your blood samples early in the morning without eating or drinking anything, You have to undertake two screening tests if the blood sugar level is between 110 mg per dL to 125 mg per dL or higher, then there are higher chances of getting diabetes.

Diabetes should be diagnosed early

Many people around the world pay the cost of diabetes by damaging their eyes, kidneys or nerves because it takes five years for diabetes to show symptoms. Diabetes cannot be cured but there are so many ways through which you can stay healthy. Such as not gaining weight, exercising more and taking prescribed medicines.

The above-provided information is for general awareness for further information you can contact your family doctor. Your doctor has the final say about the medication diet and exercise.

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