10 Superfoods That Can Fight Inflammation In Body

Inflammation is a process in which the body produces white blood cells to defend against different bacteria, viruses, and pathogens. Inflammation is the indication that your body’s defense system is actively fighting against the outsiders.

fight inflammation with food

Which food can fight inflammation

When you face acne, allergies or different kind of neurological disorders it means that your body is going through chronic inflammation. In chronic inflammation, your body’s defense system have to work efficiently against strong enemies. In order to secure yourself from all the triggers of inflammation, you can take the following ten foods.

1. Dried grapes and other fruits

When grapes or other sweet varieties can be dried under the blazing sun, they can act as perfect weapons against inflammation.

2. Omega-3 and omega-6

The intake of Omega-3 and Omega-6 can help in balancing the fatty acids in the body. This can simply be done by the intake of fish oil or by consuming salmon fish.

3. Eat more Beans

fight inflammation with beans

Beans contain the proteins and other nutrients that can only match meat with their richness. They are suggested as anti-inflammation by many diet specialists.

4. Spice your food with Basil

Turmeric, oregano, and cinnamon are all inflammatory but you can get only a small thinly distributed amount of them. Basil, on the other hand, acts as anti-inflammatory and you can eat it fresh.

5. Ginger

This vegetable is not only adding flavors to the food it is also helpful in cure against osteoarthritis, inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis and also against nausea.

6. Eat Kale

fight inflammation with kale

Vegetables like Kale, broccoli, bok choy, wasabi and Brussels sprouts are rich in sulfur. This richness in sulfur enables the body to go through two detox cycles. These two circles work against the toxins, which are responsible for inflammation.

7. Drink Tea

If you can, take one cup of green, white or black tea after your regular meals. This one cup can save you from inflammation as well as gastritis as they are extraordinary rich with antioxidants.

8. Cherries

This juicy and shiny fruit not only comes with tart, it also equip your body with double immunity against inflammation. As it is enriched with anthocyanin 1 and 2.

9. Sweet Potatoes

fight inflammation with potato

Sweet potatoes along with pumpkins, apricots, and carrots are rich in vitamin C and E. This richness enable them to act as a shield against inflammation and as a supplement for the heart, immune system, and skin.

10. Consume Walnuts

The combination of Omega-3 and many other antioxidants is very hard to find in one substance but walnuts have all of them in it. This combination makes this nut as best remedy against inflammation.

If you want to fight against the inflammation in your body, try some of these food. Otherwise, you will have to live in some kind of trunk to save yourself from all these miscreants.

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