10 Ways To Stay Motivated To Exercise Regularly

The majority of us spent most of the days in sitting – we sit in the car when we are going to work, and there we sit for 6 to 8 hours in front of the computers, and at the end of the day, we sit again in the car and drive to our home. And once we have comfortably stretched out on the couch, it’s hard to make ourselves to go to the gym, running, aerobics, and so on.

stay motivated to exercise

How to Exercise Regularly

If losing weight and getting healthier aren’t enough of a motivation for you then we present ten ways to stay motivated to exercise regularly:

1. Make weekly exercise plan

On Sunday, make a weekly exercise plan in order to accurately know what to do. This will avoid hesitations like “what exercise I have to practice today, whether to go to the gym or just ride my bike”, etc. It is very important to have alternative plans if, for example, you were planning to exercise outside someday, but that day it happen to rain, and you will have to stay at home.

2. Get a monthly gym membership

Choose to pay monthly for a gym membership, aerobics, Zumba or whatever you like to visit. It is much harder to skip training since you have already paid for it.

3. Less training time

workout with high intensity

If you don’t have much time to exercise be satisfied with less training time – 15 minutes exercise is better than no training at all. The Internet is full of “HIIT” workouts of high intensity which are short and burn a lot of calories.

4. Plan before training

Make sure you have everything you need, prepped the night before, including food and clothing before and after training.

5. Force yourself to exercise

Even when you don’t want to exercise (the weather is too bad to go to the gym, or simply you feel like “one of those days,” force yourself to make some exercise at home for at least 5 minutes – chances are once you have warm up to continue training.

6.Exercise with a friend

exercise for better motivation

Find a friend with whom you will exercise, a lot harder is to decide not to go to training if you have already agreed with someone to train. You will have someone to motivate you and to improve your health and body.

7. Exercise at the same time of the day

Exercising at the same time of the day will turn into a habit and you won’t feel the training like a responsibility.

8. Write down your goal

Write down your specific goal which will motivate you, no matter how large or small is – it can be 20 push-ups every day for at least one week, or maybe training for being able to run a marathon.

9. Reward yourself

motivate yourself with reward

Reward yourself for each successfully achieved goal. If it is possible, reward yourself with something you wanted a long time ago – perhaps a new piece of sports equipment (jersey, sneakers) or something small like a piece of your favorite chocolate, or lunch/dinner at a favorite restaurant.

10. Share exercise on social media

Share exercise on social media, and if you have friends who would be interested to know that their positive feedback has a chance to motivate you. In the days when you don’t want to exercise your friends can motivate you, and you can get a variety of tips that will help you.

Get up an hour earlier and work out first thing in the morning, before work. Exercise with a friend, share your experience, set a goal and you will see how fun can be to exercise.

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