How to Stay Awake When you Are Tired?

Everyone has been in a situation when you cannot keep your eyes open and be forced to do so. It is not easy to stay awake when you have boring lectures, when you are studying for the exam, when you’re on a long boring meeting or when you are driving at night.

stay awake when tired

17 Tips to Stay Awake When Tired

Below are some easy tips that can really help you to stay awake:

  1. Sour candy: Keep in your purse sour lemon candy and whenever you feel fatigue and sleepiness, put one in his mouth. The taste of sour won’t let you fall asleep.
  2. Chewing gum: The fresh flavor of menthol will open your eyes, yet the gum will enhance the ability to concentrate.
  3. Be more expose to light: As dark the room is where you are, the more you are tempted to close your eyes. Sit by a window that allows daylight and switch on all the lights in the room.
  4. Do not study in bed: You cannot expect that you will learn your theme if you’re lying in bed and wrapped in a soft blanket. Sit in a chair and hold the spine straight.
  5. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices: Dehydration increases fatigue, and therefore the desire for a short nap. Drink plenty of water or fresh juices of orange, apple or lemon. On one hand will prevent dehydration, and on the other, the freshness of the juices will wake you up. If you practice this, you would often visit the toilet which will help you take a break and get moving.
  6. In crisis situations cause yourself slight pain: When other attempts fail, pinch strongly. It may sound strange, but the pain will keep you awake.
  7. Get up and stretch up your muscles: If you are able, jog in place or jump in place about 10 times. Stretch your arms and neck and then return to the chair.
  8. Look some funny videos or think of a funny situation: If you are at home, play some video that always forces you to laugh, and if you lecture or you are on a meeting, think of some funny story. Of course, do this only if you can hold not to laugh out loud.
  9. Wash your teeth: When you are studying and studying and there comes a point where you say, “Well I cannot do this anymore”? All you need is to get up and wash your teeth. The taste of menthol will awake you and get you moving.
  10. Talk to someone: Take a break and talk to a friend, family member or colleague. If you cannot do this in person, call him/her on the phone. There is always a colleague who teaches all night like you, so call him/her to ask how it goes with the material.
  11. Sing dynamic song: When you are working late, you have no one to talk, and are in a big crisis. Then, all you need is to put on some rock or dance music that will raise you from the chair. Put your headphones and play you songs out loud.
  12. Take a walk outside: Go to the store and buy a fruit. You will return with more energy and more interest for the things you do.
  13. Try to cool your body: If you want to open your eyes immediately, wash your face with cold water. Also, turn down the heat in the room where you are. Hot close make you asleep.
  14. Move your arms or legs: When you have lecture classes write down notes as much as possible. Writing will increase your concentration. If you can move your feet under the table, just like when you are nervous.
  15. Switch tasks if you want to kill boredom: When you do the same thing for a while, it starts to become boring and it is normal you will think of sleep. If you feel you need a nap start learning new interesting topic. If you have a job, start doing something new. The various tasks will help you to focus better.
  16. Nibble sunflower or pumpkin seeds: The movements you will do with your mouth and hands while your are eating pumpkin seeds will help you stay focused and awake.
  17. Set your alarm to rings every 10-15 minutes: If you are tired and you need to work, the sound of the alarm will prevent you to fall asleep. Place the alarm clock or mobile away from so you will need to get up and switch off the alarm.

And if these tips don’t work for you and the body tells you that you cannot stay awake, take a nap of 15-25 minutes, but not longer. Short nap will refresh you and give you energy to return to your task.

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