5 Signs That You Are Mentally Tired

Very often, people who are already overcommitted and stressed, feel that they can’t continue this way anymore. Precisely, this is the first sign that you are mentally tired, which shows that you don’t have the capacity to do anything, and all you want to do is to relax. But which are the other signs that show you are mentally tired?

mentally tired signs

Physical Symptoms That Show You Are Mentally Tired

Headaches, diarrhea, constipation, decreased appetite, insomnia are just some of the physical symptoms you may experience during this type of tiredness. You should consult with your doctor, but talking to a therapist can be more helpful.

1. You Rarely Take Vacations

Do you remember the last time you were on vacation? A research has shown that if you avoid things that cause mental tiredness and if you take a break from your work you will manage the mental fatigue effectively.

If you are not workaholic, take a vacation. Everyone can afford at least a day in a spa or massage because it will clean your thoughts.

Advice: Limit your thoughts and focus about the things you have to do. If it is possible, assign several tasks to people you trust or postpone them for later, if it’s not urgent.

2. You Are Aware That You Are Doing Too Many Things at The Same Time

mental fatigue signs

You probably feel overwhelmed by all the sounds, smells, mental activities, physical movements, listening to others … and sometimes these events are happening too fast and that can be too much for you.

When you are entering too many information that is coming from your senses, the brain may begin to show signs of stress and mental fatigue. Often in this situation, you do not listen to people and you are asking them to repeat what they have said.

Advice: Try to turn off all noisy devices, such as radio and TV. Turn to the interlocutor, watch him in the eyes and pay attention to what he is speaking. Limit the multitasking.

3. You Have a Mental Blockade

mental blockade symptoms

A mental blockade is when you’re mentally congested and you can’t think. The brain itself stops thinking and it has taken the necessary time to rest and re-start.

4. You Are Too Emotional

Depression and anxiety are symptoms of mental fatigue, and you may feel hopeless with a low level of energy. You can also feel nervous if the person with whom you work has not improved in performance.

5. You Forget Small but Important Things

take care of your brain

Your brain receives too much information at once, but they can not be stored simultaneously. The brain sorts this things when you sleep. Meanwhile, you will have difficulties to remember things or focus on something if you are tired.

Rest for a moment, sometimes, only 20 minutes of sunshine are sufficient. Finally, take care of your brain because you will need it for a lifetime.

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