Secrets to Longevity – 10 Secrets Of People Who’ve Lived To Be 100

Getting to the age of 70 and 75 is almost average, everyone can live up to this age pertaining to the improvement in medical facilities and in awareness among people. More scientific knowledge and research in medical fields is enabling people to live long but to attain the age of 100 is something else. Read 10 secrets to longevity of people who’ve lived to be 100 years.

secrets to longevity

10 Secrets to Longevity

More and more people are now touching the tally of 100 just because of the following ten habits.

1. Stay Calm and Away From Daily Arguments

Staying away from daily arguments, small disputes and staying calm can add more years to your life as this activity keep your blood pressure within the normal boundaries and save you from depression, anxiety, and many heart diseases.

2. Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

Eat healthy and switch towards more green vegetables as they provide you with vital vitamins, fibers, and carbohydrates. Many people who switched their food towards vegetables in 50 years of age lived longer as compare to the people, who consumed meaty foods.

3. Stay Active and Maintain Your Weight

stay active to live long life

Stay active and stay tuned so that you never cross the weight limit, staying inside the lower weights will keep you healthy and away from certain diseases.

4. Avoid Extra Medications You Don’t Need

Try your best to avoid the extra medications the more you will switch towards medications the more your body will lose its resistance, as it will start depending on pills to defend itself. Most of the people who are 100 now rely more on their own resistance rather than pills.

5. Keep Your Brain Working

Keep your brain working as it is made just to do work not to stay idle.

6. Keep Your Mind Busy

secrets to long life

Keep your mind according to the schedule, if you keep your brain free you will have nothing do, and you will die early. The brain is just like a machine if it keeps working it will stay active and lubricated, but when will stop working it will get slow and eventually die.

7. Don’t Sleep Less Than Seven Hours

Seven hours of sleep is essential for healthy and long life because if you sleep less than seven hours your body will stay active for more than the time required, and it will consume more and more energy. The people who stay for longer hours have high blood pressure, high sugar levels, and even obesity.

8. Exercise More

Do some exercise, keep sweating, keep all parts of your body working as it will keep them active.

9. One of The Secrets to Longevity is To Stay Positive

stay positive to live long life

The key to happy, healthy and long life is to stay positive. Life of every individual on this planet earth is full of ups, downs, depressions and anxieties but the ones who always comes out of them are the ones who stay positive, and these are the people who continue to live for hundred years.

10. Make New Friends

Meet with people, become a part of more and more social circles as this is the secret ingredient of long life.

These 10 secrets tend to be popular among centenarians but there is no instruction manual that will ensure you to see 100 candles on your cake. However, it is good to practice these  secrets to longevity from the people who’ve lived to be 100 years.

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