Mistakes You’re Making While Showering

The average shower time in the whole USA is almost 8 minutes that makes up almost forty-eight hours per month. The question is are these many hours in the shower good for your health or not.

showering mistakes

6 Showering Mistakes You’re Making

If you want to have a healthy body and skin while showering , and lower water bill read these tips below. Here are 6 mistakes we all do when we are showering.

1. You need to wash your hair first

You should shampoo or use conditioner for your hair as a first step, otherwise, the remnants of the shampoo and conditioner can affect your skin.

2. Don’t stay in the shower too long

Staying too long in the shower can dry the skin and it is also a wastage of water. According to so many different researchers is proven that 2000 gallons of water is wasted every year in the USA and it can be saved by taking shower for just five minutes.

3. Always apply moisturizer after showering

apply moisturizer after showering

It is not recommended that you should rub your skin with a towel to get dry skin instantly because this can cause irritation. It will be better if you apply moisturizer on your skin after the shower and blot it with a towel.

4. Keep the water temperature moderate

It is not always necessary to have a hot shower on a cold day or a cold shower on a hot day, as this also wastes the energy that is required for warming the water. If you can, have a shower with a water that is not very hot or cold, and you can save your skin from drying and you can also save extra energy consumption.

5. Change your shower-head

mistakes in the shower

It is highly recommended that you should use the new design for the shower head as it will release fewer gallons of water as compare to the old one.

6. Don’t forget to ventilate your bathroom

You should keep your toilet ventilated properly and you can do it by having an exhaust fan. The presence of water can be responsible for the development of molds in the toilet.

If you can follow the recommendations you will have the healthy and Eco friendly shower.

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