How to Lower your Cholesterol Naturally

We all know that certain foods can help us lower the cholesterol in our body. But first, let’s explain how cholesterol and diet are connected. Here is a quick refresh about the cholesterol – our human body has two types of cholesterol.

lower cholesterol naturally

HDL ” the good kind” cholesterol and LDL the “bad” or lousy kind. Having a high level of LDL increases the risk of heart disease while having a high HDL is healthy for our body. That is because HDL takes LDL away from the arteries to your liver, and the liver eliminates them from your body.

HDL also protects the blood vessels from damaging caused by LDL, meanwhile, the bad cholesterol tends to harden arteries and to clog them.We all know that foods like almonds and avocado can improve or manage your overall cholesterol and reduce your risk of heart disease.

Below are top five picks that can lower your cholesterol naturally

  • Oats: In one study was given oatmeal to a group of people who have high cholesterol for a period of four weeks. The group who wad the oatmeal experience a 10% slash in their LDL and 5% reductions in total cholesterol. You can use this cholesterol-lowering super food for breakfast, whipped into smoothies or folded into energy balls.
  • Avocado: You can eat avocado with just about everything. You can make a smoothie, guacamole, use it in a salad or eat it fresh.

lower cholesterol with beans

  • Beans. Lentils, Peas: These groups of food are the most adaptable, since they can be consumed in sweet and savory dishes, and can be found in many forms like humus, flour or whole beans. Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study in which they proved that a 3/4 cup of pulses daily lowers bad LDL cholesterol by 5%.
  • Green tea : A research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that green tea consumption significantly lowered total cholesterol levels (by more than 7 mg/dL), so the next time sip it a cup of hot or iced green tea and enjoy losing your LDL cholesterol.
  • Almonds: An experiment done between patients with heart disease, who consumed just 10 grams of almonds, proved that in a period of 12 weeks theirs HDL (good cholesterol) increases for 14-16%. All you need is to take about 8 almonds before breakfast, or if you don’t like to consume whole almonds you can always use almond butter or almond flour in many snacks or meals.

So the next time if your doctor tells you that you have increased the level of LDL tray these products and see the changes in your body. It is up to you to take care of your body.

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