How to Lose Weight With Corn Silk Tea

As the name indicates, the corn silk is the name given to the silky hairs that are present near to the ear of the corn. They are not as useless as they look and they have many healing powers because they are rich with essential carbohydrates, vitamins, and many other valuable fibers.

lose weight with corn silk tea

Health Benefits From Corn Silk

Tea made from corn silk is used as a cure for bladder infections, urinary tract infections, reduces high blood pressure, relieves rheumatic pains, reduces fatigue and reduces bad cholesterol. It is also used as a cure for so many health problems such as:

1. Cure Bed Wetting With Corn Silk Tea

Tea made by corn silk can cure bed wetting that can be due to so many problems such as weak urinary system, allergy or any other medical problem.

2. Use Corn Silk Tea Against Urinary Tract Infection

corn silk against urinary infection

It is also used for urinary tract infection as it can act as a diuretic, which will help in the fast production of urine and it will be excreted without irritation.

3. Take Corn Silk Tea Against Kidney Stones

Along with marshmallow, it can be used as a remedy to treat stones in the kidneys because it makes the process of passing out stones easier.

Lose Weight With Corn Silk Tea

corn silk tea health benefits

Corn silk tea is also a good remedy against fats because it contains antioxidant properties. This tea provides effective weight loss because corn silk is very good diuretic, so it helps in the case of the retention of urine. Corn silk is used for centuries as a medicinal agent.

How to Make Corn Silk Tea

Corn silk tea can be made very easily just by putting some corn silk in the boiling water. Keep boiling for fifteen to twenty minutes and you can also add honey to make the taste better. Drink one cup, two to three times a day, and for children should be dosed in small quantities.

Corn silk can also be made in the form of tincture by blending it with alcohol or glycerin in a jar, then leave the jar in cool and dark place for four to six weeks, keep mixing it occasionally. After that, your tincture will be ready. The dosage will be one by four to a half teaspoon daily, for children the quantity should be further reduced.

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