How To Prevent Dementia And Is it Possible To Do It

Dementia is a gradual but chronic loss of cognitive ability. People suffering from this disease have difficulty remembering things and they face with a lot of bad situations. Over time, these patients become withdraw, change their character, become suspicious and irritable. Read how to prevent dementia and what to do to relieve dementia symptoms.

How to Prevent Dementia With These 3 Tricks

how to prevent dementia

Generally, the cause of this disease is brain damage. Doctors are trying to slow the disease with various medications but still, they have no solution for it. Therefore, experts suggested more regular exercise for the muscles and more brain exercise, through this process the symptoms of dementia will be relieved.

1. Never Stop Learning New Things

reading books prevent dementia

We are learning all the time till the rest of our lives. And if we add to this reading books, our brains would be in a constant functionality, and it will be harder for dementia to defeat us. Learning forces us to remember certain information with which we maintain cognitive function.

2. Play Crossword Puzzles and Hanging out With Friends

People who want to play cards, to solve crosswords, read books, hang out with friends are less likely to get dementia. Choose a new hobby like dance or playing and this way you will increase your brain strength.

3. Exercise More Often

exercises prevent dementia

If you want to have a healthy brain, it is necessary to have a healthy heart too. Doctors warn that the risks of high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes may affect brain function equally as well as our hearts. Poor heart health means poor blood flow in the brain, which is important for nourishing the nerves. With exercises, we maintain our heart and our brain function too.

Although these tricks do not prevent dementia or Alzheimer’s disease indeed, however, they allow us to prolong our cognitive functions and to strengthen our memory.

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