How to Improve Poor Blood Circulation in Cold Winter Days

The cold weather in winter that gripped our region, pose a problem for the proper circulation of blood in our body. When we are outside, the body tries to maintain normal temperature, despite that outside is below zero.

improve poor blood circulation

How to Improve your Blood Circulation

The extremities are most exposed to poor circulation because in the winter they always look “frozen”. Here are some tips to improve circulation during the polar winter days.

For start wear warm clothes

When you go out, dress appropriate for the weather, wear something that keeps you warm, not something hulking and big. Large and heavy jackets can reduce comfort and will make you feel unpleasant. By dressing in warm clothes you are helping the body to retain heat.

When you are outside, move around, never stand in one place

When you are out, and you are waiting for someone, never stand in one place. Standing in place impedes circulation. So move around, even if you are waiting for the bus, move a few steps back and forth, it will help your body to maintain the temperature. Movement helps to increase blood circulation, which improves the blood supply to the periphery of the body.

Drink hot drinks

improve circulation with tea

When we talk about hot drinks do not think excessively hot, but warm enough so we can smoothly drink it. The best choice for a drink is not the coffee, it is tea. Warm drinks will help your body to keep warm. However, excessively hot drinks are not good because they can cause damage to the tongue, throat or esophagus.

Do not put frosty hands directly to a heat source

When we spend too much time outside in the cold, the first thing we all do is to put our hands close to a heat source or to wash it immediately with too much hot water. With this we are making the biggest mistake, because there is a chance to cause ourselves skin damage. The best solution is to wash our hands with warm water and rub with soap to improve blood circulation, then we can warm it.

Every morning drink 150 ml of red wine

Drinking a glass of red wine (150 ml) every morning, improves blood circulation and offers you many health benefits for the body. However, if you are a person who does not like alcohol, do not start consuming wine for just this reason.

Exercise regularly

improve circulation with exercise

Regular exercise is good for improving blood circulation in the winter days. We are not talking about professional training, it is enough to practice at home 20-30 minutes, simple but regular exercises.

Warm up your feet

Fingers are shivering because circulation is very poor, and the problem is that the feet don’t have many muscles that can keep them warm. To warm up the feet, try to consume foods that can help to increase circulation, such as fish oil and ginger. Reduce the amount of caffeine and increase the intake of citrus fruits. Magnesium is always a good solution, and you can enter it through fresh foods such as banana and chard.

Every night before going to bed, massage your feet with rosemary oil, and every second evening immerse them in hot and in cold water. Put your feet first in hot and after that put them in cold water, it is very important to begin and end with hot water, because this is the only way to get the desired effect. Every part of this “session” should take about 30 seconds.

Cold December days is a period when the temperature is often sub-zero and we feel like our arms and feet are often cold and frozen. To improve your circulation you need to start exercising, to wear warm clothes, to drink hot drinks and of course to enjoy winter.

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