How to Get Rid of Nicotine From Your Body

Once nicotine enters your bloodstream, it’s very difficult to get rid of it as it is going to stay there for a long time. According to different studies, it is estimated that the devastation of nicotine from the body may take to eight hours but in reality, nicotine will take a long time to be flushed out.

get rid of nicotine

Remove Nicotine From Your Body

C10H114N2 is a molecular formula of Nicotine. Once this pale yellowish chemical was used as an important insecticide product. Guess what!! Now, this chemical is making human being addictive. Yes, we are talking about nicotine, which is obtained from tobacco and is used in cigarettes.

This substance is making human beings aficionado. Nicotine makes its way directly to the brain after being imbibed from a cigarette, where it do chemical reactions. These chemical changes in the brain help the smoker to concentrate on what they are doing and to stay away from stress, depression, and obesity. There are actually several ways through which nicotine can be flushed out early.

1. Eat more fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rescuing human being from many different diseases and deadly chemicals. They can also help you in purging nicotine. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C such as kiwis, carrots, oranges, broccoli and various type of berries can flush out nicotine in the form of urine.

2. Flush Out Nicotine With Water

flush out nicotine with water

Eight cups of water are required for the normal functioning of the human body. For the normal breathing, normal temperature and for all the chemical reactions in the human body water intake is required. If you can take only the normal requirement or more water you can get rid of nicotine in no time. The more water you will take the more nicotine will be removed out of your body through pores on the skin or through urine.

3. Start Exercising

You can also get rid of nicotine by involving in different kinds of physical activities such as running, swimming, jogging and working out.

4. Use Ginger and Lobelia

It doesn’t matter if nicotine is staying in your body for five years. If you can use herbs such as ginger, catnip, lobelia and valerian root for 30 days. Your body will be free of nicotine and you will have a normal life.

It is necessary to learn that the earlier you get rid of nicotine from your system the earlier you will start to feel better. Once you start with the process of breaking the smoking habit, you should focus on removal of nicotine from your system.

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