How Does Your Sleeping Position Affects Health

Sleeping is a natural state, a part of a biological rhythm that cyclical changes in the state of wakefulness. During sleep, the body is inactive, the conscious is resting, the subconscious is repaired and prepared, and the internal organs are working with reduced intensity.

sleeping position affect health

What is the Best Time to Sleep

Many types of research have been launched on this subject, and often scientists have a similar opinion about how the sleeping position affects the health.

They found that it is the best to sleep from 10 pm to 6 am if you want to feel completely refresh and to maintain optimal health. The human body is destined to be in a state of rest, repair, and detoxification.

Biological Clock and Sleep

biological clock and sleep

If you don’t sleep properly and as much as you needed, you will suffer from various diseases and health problems. For example, if you are working, and if you need to stay awake late into the night, you must follow some rules for the best and healthiest rest of the body. Because even you are sitting or lying down, the body is not resting.

  • 21: 00-22: 00 The body eliminates toxic chemicals from the immune system. It is best you should fall asleep tightly at this time if you want your body to perform autonomic functions properly;
  • 22: 00-01: 00 The liver eliminate toxins and regenerate;
  • 00: 00-04: 00 The bone marrow produces blood cells;
  • 00: 00-03: 00 The gall bladder eliminates toxins and regenerates;
  • 03: 00-05: 00 The lungs eliminate toxic substance from the body and regenerates;
  • 05: 00-07: 00 The colon eliminates toxins and regenerates. This is the best time to empty your bowels;
  • 07: 00-09: 00 Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are absorbed in the digestive system, and is the right time for breakfast;

Why is The Sleeping Position So Important?

important sleeping position

Besides the time of sleep, the sleeping position is very important as well. If you sleep in a bad position, then the body will be more tired than rested.

Our body is a functional weight which serves to fulfill what we have imagined. All our muscles, bones, joints and organs give us physical appearance, and inside the body, everything is connected. When we are lying down, our body adjusts to the ground and rotates, curls or becomes tense, and after a while, our body starts to hurt.

The substrate on which we regularly sleep should be flat and suitable for each part of the body. Apart from a good substrate, we need a pillow for the part which does not lie on the substrate or the neck. The height of the pillow should not disrupt physiological distortion and the back discs of the neck.

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