How Can Wearing a Heavy Handbag Hurt Your Body

One of the favorite fashion accessories for women is a purse. Besides being a fashion detail, the purse is also very practical to store various items that women consistently has benefited from it. Yet most women often exaggerate and turns the purse into a heavy bag, which is full of everything.

heavy heandbag can hurt body

How a heavy handbag can hurt your body

Is your purse heavy? Have you wondered how it affects your health? If your are one of these women that puts everything in her bag, this post is the right one for you.

Disrupting the natural posture

When you carry the bag on one shoulder as we usually wear it, nothing on that body side stands properly. The normal posture of the body is disturbed, which can cause chronic disorders, pain and stiffness.

Heavy handbag can fully stiffen the muscles on the affected side

Women carry their bags on the dominant side of the body. So if you write with the right hand, probably you will wear the bag on the right hand. The problem is that the muscles of the shoulder are tightening slowly, causing discomfort and pain in the neck. Many women may also experience pain in the lumbar part.

Those that carry very heavy handbag can suffer from a headache

The constant wearing heavy mass in the bag can cause a headache, confirm many types of research. So if your head hurts often and you are the women who literally puts everything in her bag, you should consider about this.

What can you do?

If you are still asking yourself what can you do, just continue reading bellow. There are some tips that can really help you.

Dispose of the things you don’t need

heavy bag can hurt body
The maximum weight that your bag should have is 10% of your body weight, but if you don’t want to take the risk, it would be best that it is 5% of your body weight. So if you have 60 kg, the maximum mass of your bag should be 6 kilograms, but the best would be about 3 kilograms.

Choose a handbag with wide strap

The wide strap distributes the weight across a larger space and it doesn’t do so much pressure on nerves and blood vessels when it is heavy.

Choose what’s necessary, leave the rest at home or in the car

If you have a car that is always with you, your handbag should have a completely minimal number of things in it. Everything at the moment you do not necessarily need, leave it in the car because when you need it, the car will be close to you and you can take it back. That way you won’t have to wear a heavy handbag.

Don’t combine the heavy handbag with high heels

High heels and heavy handbag, simply is a catastrophic combination for the body and your health. Whenever you put your heels on, try to choose a purse that is not so heavy, because fashion is important, but health is more important.

Dispose of the makeup that you do not need, remove books, magazines, and anything else that is not necessary, leave only 3-4 things that have to go with you. Try this tips tomorrow and you feel like flying.

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