6 Hidden Heart Attack Symptoms For Women

Pain in the left arm, sweating, pain in the chest are not the only symptoms that the women can experience during heart failure. There are some other hidden symptoms that they experience during a heart attack.

hidden heart attack symptoms

Heart Attack Symptoms in Women

It is very important for the women to know all these six symptoms, as it will help them to rush to the hospital in time.

  1. Chest pain: Is one of the most common symptoms of heart attack experienced by men and women. Women experience chest pain differently as there is no pain in the left side of the chest or the right side. The pain can be anywhere, as cardiologist Rita Redberg has explained that women “feel as if the vise have been tightened”.
  2. Extreme exhaustion: Women feel extreme exhaustion, they are not able to even to do simple chores. As explained by Goldberg “Some women are even unable to walk to the bathroom because of the fatigue”.
  3. Heat wave: Women experience the heat wave running through their body, they experience the unusual sweating. Doctors have suggested that women should visit a doctor if they have never experienced such a sweating before.
  4. Shortness of breath: If out of nowhere you feel like you have just finished your marathon race, and you are unable to catch a breath. Along with this if you are experiencing any other symptom, you should rush to the hospital.
  5. Pain in the stomach: Women even feel pain in their stomachs, while having a heart attack. They feel like as if someone is sitting on their stomachs along with other symptoms.
  6. Pain in different parts of the body: Women don’t just feel pain in the left arm, they can also feel pain in their back, neck or even in jaws. The pain can be negligible or very strong, sometimes it can even wake you up from your somber sleep because of its intensity. If you feel any unusual pains above the waistline, it will be safe if you can visit a hospital for additional medical examination for heart attack.

What Not to do if You Have a Heart Attack

There are some measures that you can take, and these measures can save you from the emergency.

heart attack ambulance help

  • Don’t go to a hospital on your own. You should use the service of an ambulance as it can give you first aid on the way to the hospital.
  • Don’t even let your friend or relative drive you as they cannot give you the services and help like the ambulance.
  • Don’t ignore any pain or symptom, get yourself examined as early as possible. The timely action can save your life.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help. Women usually wait longer than men before asking for help and going to the emergency room. Even if you believe your symptoms aren’t that serious or will pass still ask for help, it is better to be sure that you are safe and sound.

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