5 Tips for Better Health in the Cold Winter Days

Winter is a period when we have frequent sub-zero temperatures. In this season we must find ways to heat our body and preserve our health. Here are some tips that are intended for cold winter days. Read on to know more.

healthy habits for winter

Top 5 Healthy Habits For the Winter Days

Below are 5 tips to keep your body healthy in the cold winter days:

1. The temperature in the Room should remain normal

The biggest mistake we made in the winter days is excess heating. Do not exaggerate with the heating, you don’t’ need to make the room where you are sitting too warm. Because when you leave it, the body will experience real stress, which will have to make aggressive vasoconstriction of blood vessels. The consequence of this is the appearance of Raynaud syndrome whereby you will have inadequate circulation in the hands and fingers. Because of this, make sure that the room temperature won’t exceed 22°C in winter.

2. Warm up your shoes before wearing them

During the cold days, the body directs more blood to the vital organs, and less to the extremities, therefore they often remain cool and are a major reason why constantly feel them frozen. So wear your shoes previously warmed, you will feel better and warmer.

3. Drink mulled wine

Mulled (boiled) wine is perfect for cold winter days, for parties and intimate encounters. It’s a tasty and hot drink made from wine (usually red), sugar and spices – you can add nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, lemon peel, orange peel, or anise. Instead of sugar, you can use honey. It is served warm. This drink is a great elixir for health and its preparation does not require special culinary skills. Red wine has antioxidant effects and contains resveratrol, which is important for reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and so on. The mulled wine is very effective at reducing fever and in the fight against colds and flu.

winter mulled wine

4. Hibernation is for Animals not for People

No, you’re not an animal, and you can’t sleep the whole winter day. Get up on time whether you have or do not have obligations. Go out with your friends, talk, have fun. People who practice this, have a lower subjective feeling for cold.

5. Do Exercises to Keep your Body Warm

Make simple exercises under the quilt. The exercises should consist of simple movements and this is used to improve circulation in the body. Do 20 contractions and relaxation of your toes. Then do a few rotations in the foot wrist and finally do 10 squeezing and relaxation on the hips. You will feel warmer and more enjoyable.

Start to use these tips and you’ll notice that cold and cold weather conditions can hurt you. Dress warm, drink mulled wine, hang out with your friends and enjoy the beauty of winter.

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