10 Ways to Get Rid of a Migraine Without Drinking Pills

Migraines are described as one of the most common and uncomfortable pain that appear in humans. The main characteristics which can identify the migraines are mild or severe headaches, nausea, vomiting, excessive sensitivity to sound and light. Here are 10 ways to get rid of a migraine without drinking pills.

get rid of a migraine

How to Get Rid of a Migraine Naturally

People who are suffering from this pain, often are reaching for strong painkillers to relieve pain, but this can sometimes have side effects like resistance to a particular drug or hypersensitivity of the stomach. Therefore, you should try to reduce pain through one of these alternative methods which do not involve taking any pills.

1. Eat Nuts to Get Rid of a Migraine Without Pills

Many nuts products contain salicin, a substance used in the pharmaceutical industry as an important element of the drugs against pain. So if you suffer from frequent migraines, try to ease it with eating a handful of walnuts or hazelnuts a day.

2. Drink Grape Juice

grape juice health benefits

Studies have shown that grape juice can relieve pain. You can make this juice at home. Place in a blender fresh grapes and add a little water and you already have a healthy juice that does not contain artificial sugars and preservatives.

3. Eat Turkey Meat to Get Rid of a Migraine

Turkey meat contains tryptophan – an amino acid which the proteins are composed of. Tryptophan also stimulates the production of dopamine in the brain. However, dopamine is a substance that transmits signals of pleasure and excitement in the brain.

Tryptophan, besides helping in the creation of serotonin- a hormone that is essential to relax the body, reduce worry and anxiety.

4. Consume Natural Mixture of Plants

relieve migraine naturally

Ginger, mint and hot peppers can help relieve a migraine. Mix these three ingredients together and soak it in warm water for about 15 minutes. With this herbal tea, your pain will be eased. If you’re not a fan of tea, you can replace analgesics with lemon juice and lavender. This lemonade will soothe and reduce the intensity of pain.

5. Eat Ginger to Get Rid of a Migraine Without Pills

Ginger is known as a healthy vegetable that should often be on your daily menu. However, if you want to be effective in a case of migraines you should eat it fresh and unprocessed.

There are studies that have shown that the root of ginger stimulates the production of lipids in cells. Lipids are compounds that participate in the construction of cellular membranes, in establishing connections between cells, in the transmission of nerve impulses, in the formation of energy reserves and they protect the body from mechanical injuries.

6. Head and Neck Massage

migraine massage points

Soft massage of the neck and head can stimulate blood flow to the brain, which helps to relax and reduce pain. These massages can be made by a professional, or you can do it themselves at home.

7. Relax in a Darker Room to Get Rid of a Migraine

Sensory stimulation can make the migraine worse. Light is one of the unwanted things in this situation. To ease the pain, dim the room as much as possible. If you need to move outside, wear dark sunglasses. The lenses can also protect your eyes from the light, but first, you need to consult an expert.

8. Stimulate Certain Points of The Body

 acupressure points for relieving migraines

Today, many experts are dealing with this issue. It is believed that each point of the body plays a role in regulating some health problem. For a start, visit a specialist, then you will be able to help yourself because you know your body best.

9. Drink Small Doses of Caffeine

Although high doses of caffeine can cause headaches, small amounts of coffee or juice containing caffeine, have the ability to relieve pain. Drink coffee as soon as you feel the first symptoms of a migraine, but do not overdo it, because caffeine can worsen the pain.

10. Hot and Cold Treatment

Heating or cooling the sore spots can help you to relieve symptoms. To find out whether during a migraine you suit more hot or cold treatment, be sure to try the two options.

If you heat the sore spot, the same muscles will relax and the pain will be reduced. On the other hand, cold compresses can deaden the parts of the body where the pain is greatest, but that is, of course, a temporary solution.

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