Which Foods you Should not Eat After Exercising?

Did you ever though that the food you eat after exercising can affect your body line? If you count your calories and exercise regular but you see no results of that then you should ask yourself what you are doing wrong.

foods to avoid after exercising

Here are some of the foods you should not eat after exercising

  1. Energy Bars: They content high sugar level so they are perfect to eat before exercising. Eating energy bars will slow your metabolism and will not give your body the same effects like eating it before the workout. So the next time eat one before exercising it will boost your energy.
  2. Scrambled eggs: Boiled eggs supply several vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, riboflavin, so they are really healthy food choice after exercising. Boiled eggs are also full of proteins, but remember you should eat boiled not scrambled eggs.
  3. Cheese: One of the most delicious foods you should never eat after exercising is cheese. You can always choose mozzarella, it is low in fat and you can combine it with any food you want.
  4. Dough: You should eat more nuts or oatmeal, food rich in fiber , not carbohydrates. So the next time instead of reaching for pasta chose a healthy snack.
  5. Fresh juices: If you don’t know the content of the juice you better have a glass of green tea or milk mixed with some fruit.
  6. French fries: After a workout, the one thing you can get from French fries is fatter. You should change your French fries with a baked potato.
  7. Processed meat: Processed meat contains salt and fat which is not a good choice for your tired body and heart .You can use turkey breast or chicken with some green salad after any hard exercising.

After exercising, your body will feel really exhausted. One of the biggest mistakes that we make after exercising is to reward our body with foods we shouldn’t eat. Whit this we are killing every opportunity to lose that extra pound we want.

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