Food and Drinks you Shouldn’t Mix with Alcohol

Anyone who has once been drinking on an empty stomach knows it’s a bad idea to consume alcohol without eating before. But equally bad idea is to combine alcohol with the following foods and drinks. Read which food and drinks you shouldn’t  mix with alcohol and the danger of mixing alcohol with food.

shouldn't mix with alcohol foods

The Danger of Mixing Alcohol with Food

Carbonated drinks can increase the rate of alcohol absorption because they tend to irritate the lining of the stomach. For example, if you drink beer and after that, you drink wine, will lead to intoxication more quickly. Here are the drinks and foods you shouldn’t mix with alcohol.

1. You Shouldn’t Mix Alcohol with Fast Food

Eating junk food as usually makes it harder for the liver to work propriety, and in combination with alcohol, the work of the liver is doubled.

2. Don’t Eat too Many Savory Snacks

don't mix savory snacks and alcohol

Have you ever wondered why the bars and restaurants offer free salty snacks? The reason is simple: because they can make you thirsty, and this will lead to drinking more and longer. In the end, this can be turned into dehydration, so be careful with the consumption of savory snacks.

3. Avoid Fizzy Drinks

Sugar in soft drinks and alcohol is never going to be a good combination. So, it is the best to avoid them.

4. Coffee and Energy Drinks You Shouldn’t Mix With Alcohol

don't mix energy drinks and alcohol

Energy drinks and coffee in combination with alcohol have a negative impact on the nervous system. However, if you can, don’t mix these two combinations together.

5. Diuretic Food can Cause Dehydration

Alcohol in combination with foods that cleanse the body of excess fluids can lead to severe dehydration of the body.

6. Don’t Mix Energy Drink with Alcohol

don't mix alcohol with energy drinks

People tend to drink more when they mix alcohol and energy drinks. The high doses of caffeine in the energy drink mask your body’s natural ways of telling you that you’ve consumed too much alcohol.

Researchers have proven that mixing alcohol and caffeine gives people the urge to drink more than those who drink just straight alcohol. This can lead to alcohol poisoning and the risk of intoxication is much bigger. You should be more careful with the alcohol especially if you mix it with these foods or drinks.

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