Consequences of Vitamin D Deficiency

While we are spending time trying to cope with the cold and snow that the winter have brought, but few of us think that they may have a lack of vitamin D.

vitamin d deficiency

Problems That Can Occur as a Result of Vitamin D Deficiency

However, symptoms such as fatigue and muscle pain are one of the most obvious signs that in our body has remained small amounts of “sun vitamin”. Its deficiency can cause various problems in the body and here are some of them.

1. Extra weight

Men, women, and children with overweight have a 35% chance of vitamin D deficiency compared to people with normal weight. The reason for this is that obesity limits the body’s ability to use vitamin D through diet or imported from the sun because fat cells retain vitamins, and it is not released effectively in the body and the body can’t process it.

2. Insulin resistance and diabetes

Insulin resistance leads to increased blood sugar levels of diabetics and is associated with a lack of vitamin D for a long time. Although, several studies have shown that supplementation with vitamin D does not increase insulin sensitivity in healthy people without diabetes. Diabetics, however, have significantly lower levels of vitamin D, due to the association with obesity and metabolic disorders.

3. Heart disease

vitamin d deficiency cause heart disease
A study from 2009 showed that subjects with extremely low levels of vitamin D had 3 times more chance to die of heart failure, and 5 times more likely, that would happen from a sudden heart attack. But experts say that there is not yet enough evidence of a direct link between the larger concentration of vitamin D in the body and the reducing the risk of cardiovascular disorders. So it is too early to conclude whether taking supplements with vitamin D could improve the health of the heart.

4. Premature birth

The results from a study conducted on more than 2,000 pregnant women showed that those who had high levels of vitamin D had a lower risk of birth before 37 weeks. It is thought that vitamin has a protective effect that reduces bacterial infection in the placenta, which can cause premature labor.

5. Erectile dysfunction

According to research from 2015, men who had a deficiency of vitamin D are 32% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction. The study’s authors said that the results reflect the effect which vitamin D has on the vascular function, including blood vessels that carry blood to the genitals.

6. Gum Diseases

vitamin d deficiency cause diseases gums
Vitamin D plays a crucial role in the protection of the teeth as we age. Various studies have shown that those with higher levels of the vitamin D had lower chances of tooth decay and that there is a connection with the gum disease among those who have a deficiency of it.

7. Pancreatic, prostate or breast cancer

All these diseases are considered that somehow they are associated with vitamin D deficiency, for example, 60% of patients with prostate cancer who received additional doses of the vitamin daily, showed a significant improvement.

8. Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Various studies have proven the connection between low levels of vitamin D with abnormalities in brain structure, cognitive decline, and dementia. There are ongoing studies that will show whether vitamin supplementation may offer some sort of prevention or treatment of these diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency is also known as the bone disease (either rickets or osteomalacia), and it is characterized by impaired bone mineralization. The major reason of vitamin D deficiency is the lack of sun exposure, so the next time enjoy in the sun and be happy.

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