Most Common Mistakes Women Make When They Exercise

Sometimes it is not only important to exercise, but how to exercise to get the body of your dreams. Many women exercise in order to bring their body in an ideal form, but they make a few mistakes, and because of that they are not getting the desired results.

mistakes women make when exercise

1. You are doing too much cardio exercise with low intensity

The most common mistake that women make is forcing the cardio training – constantly on the treadmill with the same (low) intensity, without any changes. For better results, in the routine must be added the interval training. Thus, every time you run, drive a bike or swim, do it with high intensity for a minute or two, then slow down the tempo a few minutes, and then boost again. From time to time, trim the length of the part when you are supposed to rest.

2. You are avoiding lifting dumbbells

Many women avoid a weight training because of fear that they will “develop too many muscles”, which is a very big misconception. Besides, the female body don’t “compact” muscles as easily as men, because more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn all the time, not just while exercising. Therefore, take the weights in your hand and don’t be afraid – the results can only be positive.

3. You are forcing the abdominal fold

mistakes during exercise

Another big mistake that women make is that they think that if you do more stomach folding, it will faster occur abdominal muscles. However, this movement doesn’t activate muscles which are deeply set in the middle part and lateral abdominal muscles.

A better way to practice the abdominal muscles is the exercise called “stone”, commonly known as the plank – just endure in that position for 30 to 60 seconds and then repeat this exercise 3 times.

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