Can’t Poop — How to Fix Constipation Naturally

When you cannot poop you are actually suffering from constipation and that means that your poop is so dry that it cannot pass through the larger intestine so, it can’t be excreted.

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Constipation Causes and What to Do if you Can’t Poop?

Sometimes hormonal imbalance due to menstrual period, pregnancy or perimenopause can have an effect on your bowels. Constipation can be induces of many others reasons such as:

1. Stress can Cause Constipation

You will face constipation when you are stressed or depressed. Ii is complex to understand, why someone will face constipation when he or she is depressed, and that’s because brain releases neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters affect the colon wall and it results in constipation.

2. Eat Well to Poop Well

When you don’t eat enough fibers, constipation will occur, as a warning sign that you should include fibers in shape of fruits and vegetables in your diet.

3. Taking New Medicines Can Interrupt Your Digestion

medicines cause constipation

Constipation can also be induced because of change in medicine. Sometimes the medicines that don’t suite you can upset your stomach.

4. Traveling Sometimes Can Cause Constipation

You can also have constipation while traveling because you will not drink enough water, change of environment and also because you will sit in the same posture for a long time.

5. Don’t Use Laxatives if you Can’t Poop

Over-relying on laxatives can mask the real cause of constipation. If you often consume laxatives it will destroy the balance of healthy bacteria in your stomach, and you won’t know if the constipation is caused by irregular diet or because of some serious health issue.

6. You Need to Drink More Water

drink water to poop more

Constipation can be induced because of not drinking enough water, keep drinking enough water if you want to stay away from constipation.

7. Exercise More

The muscles that are part of your digestive system need exercise like the rest of the body. If you won’t move enough they will get sluggish and they will result in constipation.

8. Don’t Delay Bowel Movements

Delaying the bowel movement can also lead towards constipation. If you are in this situation a long time, it can actually decrease the functioning of your bowel.

9. Don’t Stay in The Bathroom For Too Long

fix constipation naturally

Believe it or not, too much pressure on the rectum can actually cause constipation. Pooping should be quick, effortless process with no pain is your gain. If you stay a long time in your bathroom, long enough that you need to bring your mobile, that’s not a great sign.

10. Consume Probiotics to Fix Poop Problems

The “good” bacteria which can be found in probiotics contribute to healthy gut flora and thereby improve digestion. A study submitted that taking probiotic supplements could soften the stools and can help increase BM frequency.

Stress, laxatives, traveling and medication can cause constipation. Drink more water, eat more healthy food, stay away from junk to stay away from constipation.

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