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Founded in mid-2016, Daily Health Guard is a readable site focused on healthy recipes, diets, foods and of course for healthy lifestyles.

Daily Health Guard has medical content written by real people and experts, which are always free to answer your questions and to give you advises. We can tell you how certain condition happens, what is our medical opinion, what you should do about that and how we can help you. We give you healthy tips about life, diet, exercises. We are glad if you share your problems and experience with us.

Take care of your own body now.

Daily Health Guard respects and is committed to protect your privacy. You can read our Privacy Policy here, or if you want to contact us you can use this form here.

Meet Our Team:


Christina is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Daily Health Guard. As a medical student, she has an interest in physical therapy and treating children. 

She wants to read books, jogging, watching movies and writing.

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