7 Unusual Headache Triggers

You’re trying to enjoy life with your lover, or you like to relax on Saturday morning, and then you feel like your head is pounding, you have a headache, and all your plans are over.

unusual headache triggers

Unusual headache causes

If the headache is a part of your daily life, then you are probably trying to find out what causes it. To help you, we will give you some possible reasons that can cause you a headache.

1. Red Wine can Cause a Headache

Red wine and many types of cheese and alcoholic liquors contain tyramine, which is causing the headache. To find out which foods or alcohol is causing headache to you, you need to keep a food diary and write down what you’ve consumed that day when you had a headache.

2. Strong odor

The strong odor can trigger migraines in many people, whether it is pleasant or not. It probably happens because the smell stimulates the nervous system. Usually, a source of a strong odor is paint, varnish, certain perfumes or flowers.

3. Hair Accessories

accessories cause headache

Did you know that the way you wear your hair can cause you a headache? If your hair is caught tight in a ponytail or you put your hair in a bun, the scalp feels tight and itchy and this can lead to headaches. Sometimes accessories like hair clip or headband may cause too much pressure on the scalp and that can lead to unpleasant pain. If that is the cause of your headache, take off your hair accessories and you will immediately feel a sense of relief and your headache will stop.

4. Warm weather

When the temperature outside is rising, the risk of developing a migraine and other headaches is increasing. Studies show that for every increase of temperature with 12.7 ° C, the risk of headache is rising by 7.5%.

5. Smoking cigarettes

smoking cause headache

We all know that smoking is a well-known cause of headache. It applies not only to the person holding the cigarette but for everyone around him. Even if you are not a smoker, you should be careful and protect yourself from secondhand smoke. A headache caused by the cigarettes appears usually on one side if the head.

6. Bad position on the body

Bad posture on the shoulders, using a chair without support, working in front of a monitor that is set too low or too high, keeping the earpiece of the phone between shoulder and ear can cause a headache. If you often have problems with headaches, pay attention to the position of your body.

7. Irregular feeding

Headaches caused by hunger, are not always obvious. If you skip a meal, you may experience headaches, even before you realize that you are hungry. The reason for this is the low level of blood sugar. Do not try to satisfy hunger with chocolate. The sweets can shortly increase the sugar in the blood and after that can cause even a bigger decline.

We hope that these advice’s can stop your headache and will help you. If your headache continue and you have tried every possible option to stop it, then you need to see a doctor.

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