7 Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick

We all know at least one person who manages to stay healthy, even when everyone around them is sneezing, have a cold and feeling tired. Precisely, these lucky persons, who never get sick, reveal their secrets which keep them healthy and happy.

never get sick

The Secrets of Healthy People Who Never Get Sick

Nobody wants to be sick and lay in bed all the time, so staying healthy is very important. Read the 7 secrets of people who never get sick.

1. People Who Never get Sick Eat Healthy Food

The people who never get sick eat a Mediterranean diet, which is based on protein, fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains. You need to eat healthy if you want to stay healthy.

2. Take Vitamin Supplements If you Want to Stay Healthy

stay healthy with supplements

No matter how careful you choose the food, sometimes because of the quality of the food, it is necessary to take additional supplements. These supplements will provide your body with essential minerals and vitamins.

3. Sleep at Least 7 Hours Every Night

When you go to sleep, your body is inactive and resting, and all your organs are working with decreased intensity. If you sleep 5 to 6 hours average, you have a 30% greater chance to get sick, than if you just sleep 7 hours each night.

4. People Who Never Get Sick Know How to Control Stress

manage stress to stay healthy

From time to time we all are exposed to stress, but healthy people know how to control it. They are not afraid to give themselves time for pleasure, and they know how to make their tasks and duties shorter without stress.

5. Wash Their Hands Often

To wash our hands frequently is a rule we learned since we start walking and start touching everything with our hands. Our hands are touching various objects and these objects are usually covered by bacteria. These bacteria enter in our body when we touch our face and mouth, so it very important to wash our hands often.

6. People who Never Get Sick Exercise Regularly

never get sick if exercise regularly

According to numerous studies, regular exercise improves immunity and reduces the chances of infections. If you want to be healthy and stay in shape, you need to start exercising at least 30 minutes a day.

7. Do Not Travel by Public Transport

Many of the bacteria found in metro subways and bus have been known to cause respiratory problems and skin infections. So, the bicycle is always a better option, or if you have chance travel to work or school in small groups.

Control stress, eat healthy food and exercise regularly to stay away from cold and flu. Follow these rules if you want to have healthy mind and body.

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