7 Reasons for Back Pain That Your Body is Trying to Tell You

There can be so many reasons for the back pain, like pain from some old accident, you may feel pain because of the heavy weight that you lifted some days before or maybe because of your sleeping or sitting postures.

reasons for back pain

Seven Reasons for Back Pain

If you dig deeper, you will find out that there can be so many reasons for pain in the back. Read which are the reasons for your back pain that your body is trying to tell you.

1. Disc problem can cause back pain

Older people often suffer from back pain. The disks between the vertebra act as shocks observer but because of aging or because of some injury they can be ruptured. Usually, it’s very rare that the discs will cause the pain but when they do, it will be very painful. Doctors usually recommend physical exercises and some medication for the aging discs.

2. Pregnancy can cause back pain

back pain during pregnancy

Back pain is a very usual experience for the mothers during pregnancy as the body is carrying some extra weight and back have to be stretched for some extra time. After giving birth the sleeping postures of mothers and the way they hold their babies also cause pain in their backs.

3. Strengthen your muscles to reduce spine pain

All the muscles of your body are well-connected with your spine, it is just like the network with the control center in the back. So, whenever some other muscles in your body are not working properly it is very likely that you will experience pain in your back. Tight hamstrings or weak abdominal muscles can also cause pain in your back.

4. Low back pain can be caused by poor body posture

bad posture cause back pain

In most of the cases, the sitting posture is responsible for the pain. Working on the laptop by putting your body in a bad sitting position or reading files in this way can cause pain. So, the sitting posture should be in such a way that the back is not stressed much and your legs should be parallel to the floor.

5. Stress and depression can cause back pain

According to different researches, it is opined that stress, depression, and anxiety are responsible most of the times for the pain in your back. First, they stress out the muscles of your brain and neck and ultimately the whole back will ache because of them.

6. Don’t spend too much time on your tablet or cell phone

bad posture cause low back pain

Using mobiles and tablets for a long time can cause text neck situation because when we are using them for a long time the neck is stretched and it puts extra stress on your spine and as a result of that you will feel pain in your back.

7. Back pain can lead to other serious problems

In the extreme cases if you are unable to get rid of your back pain even after six months then the problem is more serious. It can be because of ulcers, because of some stomach problems, kidney failure or some cancer, it’s recommended that you should see a physician if you are unable to get rid of pain even after six months.

If you had some kind of trauma or if you’ve fallen and your spine is particularly tender in certain spots then you should also see a doctor.

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