6 Natural Energy Drinks To Boost Your Brain Function

Natural drinks such as coffee, tea, and yerba are good for health as they can give you nutrients, vitamins, and much-needed energy.

natural energy drinks

What are Energy Drinks?

Many drinks are available in the market with the name of energy drinks, they are called energy drinks because they can make you alert, energetic and more focused. But there are some natural drinks that can give the much-needed energy. People in this world are using these energy drinks for centuries and they are getting all the benefits. The difference between the natural and the other energy drinks is the presence of labels.

Hundreds of energy drinks are available in the market and all of them claim that they can give you physical energy and alertness. These drinks can keep you up all night, but having not enough sleeping hours is not a good idea at all. If you keep taking these drinks you may suffer from insomnia, chest pain, poor digestion because of the presence of caffeine.

Difference Between Natural Drinks and Other Energy Drinks

why shouldn't drink energy drinks

Most of the energy drinks contain ingredients such as caffeine, sugar, taurine, Vitamin B ginseng and many other. These ingredients may look good on labels but they are not present in sufficient amounts in the drinks.

According to different researches, it is opined that most of the energy in energy drinks is derived out of caffeine and sugar, the other ingredients are just there on the labels to make them look more appealing. The added sugar and caffeine in the energy drinks give you the desired energy and they keep you awake all night that can be hazardous to your health.

6 Natural Energy Drinks

There are so many natural drinks that can give you the desired energy boost without having side effects.

1. Drink Water

boost brain function with water

It appears very surprising for someone, how a tap water can be turned into an energy drink. But it’s a fact that if you keep drinking water all the day, the muscles of your body including the muscles of the brain will keep working. This hydration will keep up the energy level of your brain and body and they will work without any fatigue.

2. Turmeric Tea

Turmeric is in use for hundreds of years thanks to its healing abilities. After the water, it is the only natural energy drink that is without caffeine. It contains curcumin that enhances the memory and concentration. This drink is in use for centuries by the Ayurveda and Japanese as it is considered the key to long life.

3. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is the drink that is in use of South Americans from primitive times. It contains polyphenols, antioxidants and almost all the nutrients that are necessary to sustain the life of human beings on earth. This drink improves the mental energy, concentration, clarity and focus.

4. Drink Coffee

drink coffee to boost brain

Everyone knows about the wonders of the coffee, in the west, almost everyone starts his or her day with coffee because of its benefits for the brain. It improves the concentration, focus, and clarity and it also saves the brain muscles from getting damaged and protects you from Alzheimer disease.

5. Matcha Tea

Matcha tea is the most important part of the Japanese household and it’s the second cousin of the green tea. It contains more nutrients and antioxidants as compare to green tea but it tastes like algae and fungus. The best to consume matcha tea is to consume it in smoothies.

6. Green Tea

boost brain with green tea

It’s very difficult to understand that most of the people around the world drink coffee to keep them warm, healthy and active but it’s the green tea that has more qualities in it. Green tea can boost your digestive system, it can improve your immune system moreover, it enhances the alertness, focus and concentration and all other jobs that coffee do without providing your body with an extra dose of caffeine.

Besides the natural energy drinks, there are many brain drinks that are promoted as an alternative to energy drinks. These brain drinks are Nawgan, Brain tonic, Neuro sonic and many others but the truth is they too rely on caffeine and sugar to fulfill you with energy. The bottom line is to rely on natural energy drinks to give you an energy boost without any harmful effects on your body.

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