6 Healthy Seeds You Should Eat Everyday

Seeds are the natural powerhouses, they are full of many hidden treasures such as vitamins, minerals, fibers, Omega 3, etc. They can be easily added into your daily diets in the form of smoothies, salad or milkshakes.

healthy seeds to eat

Healthy Super Seeds You Should Eat

These small gems can give you the desired energy within no time. All you need is to add these seeds in your daily menu.

1. Consume Flax seed

Flax is full of magnesium and fiber, along with this it also comes up with a great supply of alpha-linolenic acid, which is from the family of Omega-3 fatty acid. This seed can help you in getting rid of chronic inflammation and many other diseases.

2. Eat Farro

farro nutrition for better health

Nutritious replacement for rice with more protein and fiber is farro. You may not have been aware of that, but farro has more healthy benefits than rice. You will get 7 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein and valuable amounts of magnesium and iron with just one cooked cup of nutty-tasting farro. It looks like brown rice and you can prepare it by boiling the raw grain in water until it absorbs the liquid and this process will take 30-40 minutes.

3. Take Pumpkin Seeds for Nibbling

Pumpkin seeds are very good for the health of the heart as they are full of magnesium. Additionally, they are in use for centuries for the treatment of enlarged prostates because they contain phytosterols.

4. Consume Chia seed

chia seed for better health

Chia injects fiber in your diet as people don’t get enough fibers through their food. They face multiple problems because of that. Chia contains almost 11 grams of fiber per ounce, this amount of fiber helps against different chronic diseases and also lowers the blood sugar.

5. Make Popcorn

If you feel hungry or you want to take some salty snacks, popcorn should be one of the healthiest alternatives. When you eat it without adding butter, your body will be full in nutrients, including polyphenols, which are substances with antioxidant properties. Popcorn is low in calories they will provide you with nearly 3 grams of protein and about 3.5 grams of fiber if you ate a 3-cup serving.

6. Consume Hemp seeds

eat hemp seeds for better health

If you are a vegetarian and you don’t have the desired supply of proteins, you don’t have to worry anymore because the hemp seeds come up with a full supply of proteins, nine essential amino acids, Omega 3, magnesium, and iron.

When it comes to healthy eating our first thought is fruit and vegetables, but grains and seeds are prime sources of complex protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats and a broad range of essential micro-nutrients. So which grain is your favorite one?

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