5 Tips to Protect Eyes from Computer Screen

Work on the computer has become our everyday firmest connection with the outside world. Whether we like it or not, slowly we are becoming part of a new way of life that includes a number of devices that facilitate our work and communication. Either we are expecting results from the exam on mail, or we are expecting SMS message from a parent who comes to visit, our relationships with the digital world is established.

computer eye protection

Here are 5 tips you can use to protect your eyes

In today’s computer age it is difficult to think about the negative consequences that the computers bring us. Eight hours spent in front of the screen makes big burden to your eyes and body, so it is very important to adjust the working environment to your needs.

1. Adjust your working space

To keep your eyes healthy, and to save your energy that will be needed during the working day, you need to completely customize the work space to your needs. The monitor is a key moment for the health of the eyes, so if you can use the LCD screen because it does not reflect the light. Avoid small monitors and use protection for the display that reduces eye exertion. The same goes for the desk and chair which must fully suit you.

2. Regulate the lighting in the room

It is very important for your eyes to have good lighting in the room where you spend most of the day. The light over your computer has to be bright enough, but it is also important to know that too strong light can irritate the eyes. The windows should be placed behind or beside you but never placed in front of you.

3. Adjust your Angle of view

View angle is another very important thing that guards the health and helps in the conservation of energy. Adjust the screen 20 to 40 inches away from your eyes. While reading the view should be slightly lowered, ie 15 to 20 centimeter lower. Do not forget the possibility of adjusting the brightness and contrast of the monitor because it can be of great help.

protect eyes from computer

4. Resting the eyes

Although the eyes are working as we needed, remember that you are not a machine and that resting is necessary for your eyes. Easier to remember there is a rule known as 20-20-20, which means that every 20 minutes you have to take a break of 20 seconds so that the view will switch from screen to something that is at least 6 meters away from you . Also, do not forget to blink. Blinking is a natural protection of the eye which provides enough moisture.

5. Exercise your eyes

Take an object and put it away. When you feel that your eyes are getting tired, look at that object for 10-15 seconds, then gaze at something up close to you for 10-15 seconds. After that look again at the distant object and do that exercise 10 times. With this exercise, you reduce the risk of getting accommodative spasm and eye strain after a long computer work.

In this whole digital story, our eyes are the main connection, and often we are not even aware how much our work on a computer can be hard for them, and thus for the body. In order to make your life easier, we offered you five tips forĀ achieving a healthy work environment.

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