4 Things That Affect Eye Health

Eyes are an important part of our health. There are many things we can do to improve our eye vision and to keep them healthy. Follow these four simple advice and you won’t have any eye problems.

computer screen affect eye health

Looking all day and night at the screen

The screens on the computers, tablets, and smartphones emit blue light, which some doctors consider it harmful as the ultraviolet rays. In addition, focusing on anything for hours can cause headaches and eye strain.

If you already are required (because of work or something else) to spend a long time looking at the screen, follow the 20-20 rule: for every 20 minutes looking at the screen, pause 20 seconds and during that time watch in the distance, and focus your eyes on something else, and constantly blink.

Falling asleep with contact lenses

Although there are types of lenses that are FDA approved and you can wear it while you sleep, optometrists say it can be risky. According to some studies, the risk of developing corneal ulcer is 10 to 15 times higher to those who wear lenses continuously, than those who wear it only by day. If you wear contact lenses during sleep, the cornea will be exposed to less oxygen and may cause infections and development of bacteria.

If you happen to fall asleep with lenses (especially with those that are not intended for that), do not remove them immediately after you wake up, because if your eye is dry, there is a danger remove the upper layer of the cornea with the lenses. Wait 20 to 30 minutes, and wet your lens with artificial tears before removing.

Sleep with makeup

sleep with makeup affect eye health

This can lead to skin irritation, acne, and even to painful bumps that may occur on and around the eyelids. If you wear artificial eyelashes whose adhesive may enter in the cornea it will lead to inflammation on the eye.

Touching and rubbing your eyes

If you happen to have itchy eyes and you feel need to rub them, make sure your eyelids are closed and touch only the exterior of the eye. Be careful and do not rub too hard, because it can lead to rupture of the blood vessels and inflammation.

Another reason to avoid touching the eyes is the danger of transmitting the bacteria, from the hands on the wet membrane that protects them because the eyes offer excellent conditions for their growth.

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