4 Basic Examinations That Could Save Your Health

As you get older, your health problems are increasing. Regular health exams and tests can find problems early. They also can help you to find problems before they start. Read which are the 4 basic examinations that could save your health.

examinations that could save your health

Examinations That Could Save Your Health

Therefore, experts recommend every year, to do a systematic review or to do at least these 4 medical analysis.

1. Check Your Cholesterol Levels

check cholesterol levels regularly

Once a year you should check the level of cholesterol in the blood, and if you already have problems with high cholesterol level or you are overweight, it is recommended to control your cholesterol every 3 to 4 months.

2. Measure Blood Sugar Level

control diabetes

If you are a healthy person, thanks to the pancreas, your body will produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. However, many other diseases or overweight problems can affect the work of pancreas, and it won’t produce enough insulin, and therefore there will be increased blood sugar level.

This situation can contribute to the development of diabetes. The level of blood sugar is supposed to be check once a year, but the person who is suffering from diabetes must check blood sugar level daily.

3. Control the Function of Thyroid Gland

thyroid gland problems

One of 10 persons during their lifestyle, will encounter problems with the thyroid gland. There are different symptoms for this, and sometimes the hormones T3 and T4 are normal, so the disease can not be detected. In this situation, you must check the Thyroid gland.

4. Measure Your Blood Pressure

blood pressure measurement

High blood pressure is called “silent killer” for a reason. There are no symptoms of this health problem, and it can bring your life in great danger.

If you don’t have heart problems or you don’t have family members who are suffering from cardiovascular diseases, then you should measure your blood pressure minimum once a year. But if you have cardiovascular problems, it is recommended to buy blood pressure cuff and measure your blood pressure more often.

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