31 Awesome Qualities of Water Proven by Studies

Human life has endured on the planet earth with the help of the presence of water. We drink it, we shower, we swim in it etc. Water is all around us, even two third of the human body is made up of water.

awesome qualities of water

Awesome Qualities of Water

Every process in our body depend on water, from the blood to the urine, from urine to tears, everything depends on water. There are around 31 reasons that can put under limelight the importance of water.

1. Aqua spinning

Working out in water along with the working out in gym gives your body the natural fitness. In practice, more and more people are opting for aqua spinning as it is a very effective form of workout.

2. Spend time near the beach

Spending time near water is very healthy, you can choose to swim in the water, have a nap near some beach or some other activity.

3. Water balances our fluids

About sixty percent of human body’s fluid is made up of water. It performs so many functions to keep the human body healthy.

4. Swimming can reduce the depression

Swimming in a warm or a cold water is not only good for the health of the body, but it is also good for the health of mind. Swimming and showering under a warm water can reduce the depression and anxiety.

5. Relax with the sounds of the bubbling water

bubbling water relax

Unpleasant sounds can have a bad impact on the mood and it can even make someone feel uncomfortable but there are some studies that are suggesting that the sound of the bubbling of the water is the best sound in the world that can even uplift the mood of the listener.

6. Ice cubes reduce the pain in damaged tissues

Water in the form of ice cubes cannot just be used for chilling the drinks, it can also be used for reducing the pain by applying it to the damaged tissues.

7. Cold water swimming

Swimming in the cold water is very healthy for the athletes as it can heal the tissues that are damaged because of training in the heat. It can also keep their spirits high.

8. Reduce the stress with warm footbath

You can end your frantic day with a warm and cozy sleep after washing your feet with warm water. The warm water will reduce the stress and fatigue.

9. Salt water steam

If water is taken in the form of steam it can help people suffering from the flu or nasal congestion. A spray of salty water reduces the gulp in the nose and ensures that one can breathe easily.

10. Shoveling Snow is Cardio Exercise

shoveling snow is cardio exercise

This is very hard to believe but when you are clearing the snow from your lawns or in front of your house, you are actually doing cardio exercise that is very healthy for your body.

11. Spa Treatment reduce chronic pain

If you are having pain in some parts of your body that can be regarded as chronic, you can release it with a spa. As it will relax your body and also will reduce the pain.

12. Improve your blood circulation in a sauna

Research have shown that people who go more often in a sauna, have improved rate of blood circulation. More and more sauna will reduce the rate of heart attack.

13. Water Hydration

A mix of fresh water with fresh fruits is not only healthy and tasty drink, but it also keeps you more hydrated as compare to the sugary drinks.

14. Water keep us alert

Water keep us alert and hydrated and it also increases the concentration.

15. Protect your joints and cartilage

water protects your joints

The water in the form of different fluids in our body keeps the joints and cartilages intact and in shape.

16. Winter hydration

Water is not only needed in summer, it is also needed in winter, as more and more water goes out of the body through the process of respiration. So, drink more and more water in the winter while you workout to keep your body hydrated.

17. Have a glass of water with each alcoholic drink

Drinking water with the alcohol keeps you away from dehydration during hangovers.

18. Water helps us think more clearly

The presence of water in our body even helps us to think more clearly as it keeps the brain tissues hydrated.

19. Clean your home with water

Water can be used for cleaning everything without the usage of toxic chemicals.

20. Water gargling

protection from flu with gargling water

Gargling with water keeps us protected from flu and fever.

21. Delicious hydration

Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables keep us hydrated such as cucumber, watermelon, and strawberries.

22. Stop the fatigue and tiredness

Sometimes the only reason for fatigue and tiredness is the fall in water level of the body. Increasing the water level in our body with water intake can give us the energy we needed.

23. Water keeps the kidneys working

The role of kidneys in our body is to excrete the waste material, and the more water we intake the more excessive and toxic material will be flushed out by the kidneys.

24. Prevent a headache naturally

Many times when we have headaches we immediately reach for some pain killer medicines, but the research has proved that most of the times a headache is due to the reduction of the water level in the body. So next time you can get rid of a headache without swallowing pain-relieving pills.

25. Winter exercise

winter exercise skiing

Water in the form of snow can be a place for exercising, for skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

26. Improve your mood

Drinking water can even uplift the mood and can help in reducing depression and anxiety.

27. Reduce the risk of bladder cancer

If you increase the water intake, more and more toxic materials will be flushed out of the body which will reduce the risk of bladder cancer.

28. Boost your energy

By taking water with some carbohydrates and salts can bring back the energy that is lost in workouts.

29. Improve your digestion process

improve your digestion with water

Water helps in the digestion process and prevents constipation. The more water you drink the smoother will be the waste material in the digestive tract.

30. Hydration in the summer

The water intake keeps the hydration intact during workouts in the hot weather.

31. Reduce weight with water

Researchers have found that when you are drinking water before a meal, you will lose weight faster than those who did not drink water. Drinking water can boost your metabolism, it will make you fell full and eat less food.

We hope that with these 31 proven qualities of water you understood exactly how water is helping your body, and why you should go hydrate right now.

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