3 Good Reasons To Be Under Stress

Sometimes stress can be good, other than just increase in blood pressure, decrease in sleeping hours and increase in anxiety. There is a big difference between stress and anxiety disorder. The anxiety disorder creates a lot of problems, it even pushes the patient to the verge of proper medical treatment.

good reasons to be under stress

Although the stress we are talking about, is the state of mind in which you can read many articles on anxiety without considering yourself a patient of depression.Here are three reasons you can be grateful that you’re an anxious person.

You can solve your problem easily

The recent research on grades, going through California bar exam has shown that those aspirants, who were ready for the worst case scenario fared well as compare to those who were not expecting bad results. Those who were ready for the worst case made themselves ready for the consequences and also they made alternative plans. This little bit anxiety helped them to have proactive approach without becoming depressed by the shortcomings.

You are thinking smarter

think smarter under stress

Research on hundred college undergraduate students showed that little stress and anxiety helped them to get more knowledge. The events of past and future made them more eager to know about different things. The researchers opine that sometimes it is only the anxiety that helps students to get more knowledge.

You are making good decisions

Sometimes it is anxiety that helps in making good decisions. The brain with anxiety is looking towards making careful decisions by analyzing all the negativity. Whereas the person without anxiety will be unable to make such careful decisions. The shopkeeper with anxiety will handle customers with more care as compared to the shopkeeper without anxiety.

The increase in blood pressure in your veins, increase in your heartbeats and increase of sweat on your palms before any interview, cricket match or any other event is not always an impediment to your success, sometimes this little anxiety becomes the cause of success.

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