17 Natural Ways to Slow Down Aging Process

There are seventeen golden ways that will help you to live longer with just a few years of disability in the end and more strength in your “golden years”.

slow down aging naturally

Slow Down Aging Naturally

The process of aging is natural, but you can slow down that process simply by sticking to these seventeen rules.

1. Marriage

The marriage is not just the agreement between two human beings, it actually increases your age and reduces the death by almost 15%. Marriage also reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.

2. Volunteer Work

To work in public service without any consideration not only gives the feeling of being important but it also reduces the death by almost 25 percent. The volunteer work increases the rate of hormones in our body such as oxytocin and progesterone which regulate the stress.

3. Sleep More Than Seven Hours

If you increase your sleeping hours, to at least seven hours a day you will actually add hours to your life. More sleeping hours also reduces the chances of heart attack.

4. Eat Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate prevent aging

The dark chocolate that contains at least 70 percent of cocoa reduces the blood pressure and primarily reduce the risk of strokes and increases your chances of survival.

5. Get a Pet

The presence of a pet in your life ensures someone’s presence in your life. Not only that, but it also reduces the stress level and keeps blood pressure intact. This also keeps you away from the risk of heart attack.

6. Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness is very much related to regular and healthy lifestyle and if someone can maintain this, not only he will be able to have a healthy life but also he will be able to live longer. This lowers the risk towards different diseases and it keeps the blood pressure under control.

7. Have a Purpose in Life

To live a healthy life it is very important to have some aim and goal, otherwise, the rudderless ship will end nowhere and it will just sail with the ebb and flow of water. To have some aim or purpose in life ensures the longevity of life.

8. Eat Less

prevent aging with food

Every doctor and every magazine about health, fitness, and food recommend having a healthy diet for better life. But to have better and healthy life it is better to fill your belly by just 80%. This formula is used by many long-living Japanese and there are so many ways to keep yourself away from food and just to eat 80%.

9. Spend Time with Family and Friends

Having a strong bond with your family and with your friends increases the years of your life, by discussing the problems and issues with your family and friends. When the problems and troubles are resolved you can have peace in your life and that ensures the long life.

10. Work Out

Working out not only makes your body young it also make your genes young which help you live longer. The genes become stronger against different diseases, depressions, and problems.

11. Read and Write

read books to live longer

To live longer, it is not required only the fitness of the body, it is also very important the health of your brain as well. The journal of Neurology has recommended that people who read and write more often, relatively live longer as compare to the people who spend most of their time in unhealthy activities.

12. Wearing Sunglasses

It is very difficult to imagine that the sunglasses can actually increase the years of life, but yes, sunglasses can actually do this by keeping your eyes and the muscles around them protected from the ultraviolet rays.

13. Getting Old is Not Bad at All

If you can change your perspective regarding getting old it can actually increase the years of your life. Many studies in this regard have suggested that people who accept their old age with positive mind live longer than the people of the same age.

14. Eat More Yogurt

One 8-ounce cup of yogurt is very much necessary for healthy and long life. If there is no enough calcium in the body, the body will consume the calcium from the bones that may lead towards osteoporosis. One cup of yogurt can easily give you around 415 mg of calcium that is enough to keep the body away from consuming calcium from your bones.

15. Meditate

slow down aging with meditation 

If you continuously feel stressed about different issues in life, your life span will decrease almost by nine to seventeen years. Meditation and Yoga can reverse this, and they can give you long and healthy life without stress and health problems.

16. Wear Sunscreen

The regular use of sunscreen will not only give you healthy and spotless skin but it will also ensure that your skin remains spotless for a long period of time. Sunscreen can also help you against dangerous ultraviolet rays.

17. Aerobic Exercise

People who exercise have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, some cancers, and dementia. Aim to work out at least 2 hours and 30 minutes aerobic activity every week. Exercising, you will increase your strength, which will slow down the aging process.

Many experts on this subject have declared that 10% of the lifespan is determined by your genes, but 90% is determined by your our lifestyle that is in your own hands. By following the above ways we can actually add some years to our life.

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