12 Quick Tips for Better Health

Health care does not only consist of intake of healthy food and vitamins, but also depends on small habits in our everyday lives. Often we don’t need much time to do something that will bring us better emotional, mental or physical health.
tips for better health

Here are some small tips that you can apply in your life:

  1. Wear low heels: Heels with a height of 3 to 5 centimeters will not create pain in the legs and will visually appear longer legs look.
  2. Refresh yourself under the shower: Although the hot shower acts tempting, cold brings greater benefits. End the shower with cold water. After you will immediately get more energy, you will improve your mood and your skin will be more beautiful.
  3. Fill a vase with fresh flowers: Research at Harvard University found that people who watched every morning fresh flowers had more energy throughout the day.
  4. Measure your waist circumference: Take the body measuring tape and put it over your hips on the level of the navel. The measuring tape should be parallel to the floor. During the measurement breathe freely but do not collect the stomach. The measured volume should not exceed 88 cm for women and 94 cm for men. Everyone with measured volume more than this increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.
  5. Do not use cleaning products with a sprayer: Studies have shown that people who use sprayer increase the risk of developing asthma.
  6. Smile:  Although you do not want to laugh, smile and immediately you sense of mood will improves. Scientists claim that laughter has not only the power to heal, but also makes you more attractive. Studies have shown that seeing the smiling faces brings the same stimulation like you’ve won the lottery.

don't forget to smile

  1. Wash the sheets minimum at 60°C: The sheets gather microorganisms that can irritate sensitive skin, cause allergies, asthma and in some cases exacerbate eczema. Therefore, always wash the sheets for sleep at least at 60°C.
  2. Stretch up: You do not have to do a series of stretching exercises, simply lean forward and with your fingers try to touch the floor. If you’re flexible, keep your knees straight, but if you feel excessive tightening in your leg muscles, then slightly bend. After that straighten up. Repeat 3 times. This simple exercise will improve your circulation, will reduce the pain in the lower back and it will reduce the negative effects of prolonged sitting.
  3. Think of the ones you love: Experts advise that it is enough to consciously think of your beloved 30 minutes a day to improve your physical and emotional health. Nurturing a sense of love stimulates the brain.
  4. Make your little kissing session: Kissing reduces stress, improves dental health, improves the work of the lungs, the work of the cardiovascular system and it can help you if you are suffering from allergies. So, do yourself at least a 15-minute session of kissing every day.
  5. Refresh your skin with orange juice: Of course, you should not put juice on the skin, but to drink it. Vitamin C which is found in natural juice helps to the beautification of the skin, reduces dryness and to a certain extent protects the skin from wrinkles.
  6. Check the scalp: Hair can hide dangerous moles or other abnormal appearance of the skin. From time to time check your skin on the head and if you notice anything unusual, consult a specialist. Experts warn that because of the hair these problems are not detected in time for the treatment to be effective.

The best things in life are free, all you need is to smile and love more. Use this tips and you will see how your mental and physical health will  bloom.

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