10 Ways to Increase Your Energy Levels

The holidays have begun, but the partying and preparations are already part of our everyday life and little by little they extract our energy. Do you feel exhausted and without energy just before the beginning of the celebration? For the most people, the answer is “yes.”

increase your energy

How to boost your energy

If you don’t want this to happen, and you don’t want to spend the night after New Year’s Eve in a bed, you need to give your body energy to be able to fight fatigue. The following tips will help you to learn how to do this.

Good night’s sleep

Everyone knows that sleep mostly affects on energy. However, people are trying to reduce the number of hours of their sleep, just to have more time to complete many obligations or to have more time to enjoy after a hard working day. This is a big mistake and sadly most of the people are doing it.

The adults need 8 hours of sleep in a quiet and dark room. If you slept 8 hours and still in the middle of the day you feel tired, take an afternoon nap.” Research shows that afternoon nap of 30 minutes or 1 hour can immediately boost your energy and rest the brain. But be careful, to not let the afternoon rest becomes a habit, as it can impede the regular night’s sleep.

Consume more B vitamins

Many of the B vitamins help the body to turn food into energy, so if you feel tired, do not avoid food rich in vitamin B. You can find B vitamins in meat from poultry, fish, nuts, grains, and seeds.

Regular nutrition

eat regular to boost energy

Mood and energy in our body are influenced by food. Proper and regular nutrition can immediately increase energy. Eating multiple but smaller meals, maintain the level of sugar in the blood and gives it the necessary fuel for the body. A regular diet is not causing peaks and lows in energy levels and therefore you will feel balanced and energized all day long.

But beware of the type of foods you consume. For snacks between meals do not consume high-calorie foods. You can freely choose almonds, apples, cereal snacks, pears or oranges.

Body needs more magnesium

Magnesium participates in many biochemical reactions in our body, and it participates in converting glucose into energy. When the level of magnesium is reduced even slightly, the energy decline. Women who have a lack of magnesium suffer from rapid heart beat and they need more oxygen to fulfill physical activity, rather than women who have sufficient levels of magnesium in the body.

Magnesium deficiency causes the body to work rapidly and after a time leads to fatigue and decreased energy levels. Therefore, you should dedicate special attention to the foods rich in magnesium such as almonds, hazelnuts, cereals, fish, and bananas.

Drink plenty of water

Thirst can easily cause fatigue and lack of energy. Even small dehydration can take away the necessary energy for the body. The solution is simple -drink more water. If you exercise or you drink alcohol make sure you drink plenty of water if you want to save your energy.

Drink less alcohol

less alcohol to increase energy

Drinking alcohol in the evening hours can destroy good of sleep. Although the alcohol may help you fall asleep faster, it disrupts deep sleep and you don’t get that rest you needed. If you reduce the consumption of alcohol before bedtime, you will have better sleep, and you will wake up the next day with more energy.

Decrease the stress level

A tired mind can leave you without power, to the same extent as a tired body. Today people are constantly under stress and stress exhausts us. Every negative thought draws a part of your energy. On the other hand, every moment spent on affection and care or your body and spirit will improve your energy levels. Sitting in silence, meditation and prayer are powerful ways to find amazing energy.

Be more careful with the coffee

The coffee is the best drink in the morning for many people, and rightfully so. Coffee speeds up metabolism and instantly improves concentration and energy. Several small doses of coffee throughout the day can keep you more focused than a larger dose in the morning.

But you should be careful with consumption of coffee because it can impede your sleep. And as you know a bad dream is a killer of energy.
Instead of coffee, you can drink tea. Most of the teas improve the memory, and someone like the black tea is battling with stress.

Exercise more

exercise can increase energy

Endorphin’s hormones are released through exercise, and this hormone make us feel good and increase the energy level in our body. Even the way we think about the exercise can give us extra energy. Studies have shown that women who were satisfied with aerobics classes, had more energy and a better mood than those who were not pleased.

It is very important to find a physical activity that will fulfill you and motivate to practice regularly. The beginning is difficult, but the exercise can give you irreplaceable energy and confidence.

Say Yes “to Sex”

Making love causes the release of the same hormones that are released while exercising, and this is how the energy level is increased. In addition, sex makes you feel good in your own body, with increased confidence is easier to move forward in life.

We hope that these tips can boost your energy and you won’t feel fatigued or exhausted during the holidays or during some other occasions.

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