You can’t stop eating? Here are 10 tips to Prevent Overeating

When we stand in front of different meals that cheat us with the look, taste, and enticing aroma, it is difficult to establish control over the desire to get another “last” bite. The result is overeating and we later regret that.

how to stop overeating

Tips that can prevent overeating

Uncontrolled feeding which clogs our stomach has bad influence not only for the line but also for the energy and mood. Nobody wants to do lethargic napping with a bloated stomach, but despite this, sometimes we forget to stop eating and we found ourselves in such a state.

1.Use your palms as a guide

Eat just as much food as it fit into your hands. Pinch hands so they can make the form of container. The amount collected by them is roughly the same as the one that your stomach needs.

2. Cover the leftovers from your meal with a napkin

When your appetite will decrease and you no longer feel hungry, cover the rest of the dish with a napkin. Out of sight, away from the mouth.

3. Do not eat to satisfy others

No matter how tasty is the cake made from your mother, do not eat just because she persistently asks you to take a second piece. Politely say “Maybe later,” but do not let her sad face to convince you.

4. Concentrate on the taste of the first few bites of your favorite food

tips to stop overeating

Adore chocolate? Research shows that satisfaction is equally if you have eaten a few cubes of chocolate and if you have eaten the whole block. But in the second case, you will be overfed and will feel more guilt. To avoid overeating, it is important to concentrate on the taste during the first few bites, because then it will be sweetest. After a few bites, the taste receptors reduced sensitivity to chemicals in the delicious food. Conclusion? With a few bites you can satisfy the desire for fatty foods which is dragging you to overeat.

5. Do not leave on the table dishes and pans in which the food is served

Serve moderate portions of food and place it into the dishes. The plates in which is the rest of the food, move it away from you. It’s easier to overeat if you are able to constantly charge the plate.

6. Give a signal to the body that you have completed your meal

Send a message to the body that you have “overeaten” through:

  • Chewing gum or mint candy. The fresh flavor of menthol reduces appetite, and the gum or the candy will keep your mouth busy.
  • Several pieces of fruits or two cubes chocolate. Sweet food the brain registers as a dessert, so you will not want again to return to the main course.

7. Select a bowl with a different color from the color of the food you eat

Don’t put pasta in a white bowl, put it in red, black or blue. The greater the difference in color is, the more apparent is the size of the portion, and you will serve less food.

8. Select only to eat without any side activities

stop overeating tips

People tend to overeat in front of TV or the computer because they unconsciously filled their mouth and swallow. Therefore, it is recommended to eat in the kitchen, sitting at the table without having to do additional activities.

9. Do not eat from the bag or box

You bought a big pack of chips? Serve your part in a small bowl and hide the rest out of reach. That way you can approximately estimate how many calories you have entered with the delicious snacks, and moreover, will make sure that you won’t eat the whole potato chips that you have purchased and you can’t overeat.

10. Leave the fork on the plate between bites

Eat one bite and leave the fork on a plate. Making pauses between bites extends the time you are eating during a meal, which leaves enough time for the body to inform the brain when you are full. Remember that the brain is required approximately 15-20 minutes to get the signal that you are no longer hungry.

Many people like to eat everything that they have served and it often leads to overeating. When you start to feel satiety, put the accessories in the plate, and move the plate away. This way you will not be able to continue eating.

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