10 Natural Herbs That can Increase Brain Power

Websites and blogs are full of green vegetables that are good for your health, like spinach, lettuce, and kale but there are some other types of green vegetables that are equally good for brain and heart. These other types are known as herbs.

natural herbs for brain power
For so many years herbs are being ignored as inferior relatives of vegetables but there are ten different kinds of herbs that can become a substitute for vegetables and food for the brain.

  1. Sage: Is not famous among herbs for being used in the cooking of delicious foods but this does not mean that it is useless. This herb is filled with the compounds that can soothe the body with relaxation, and flush out anxiety, fatigue, and depression, especially if it is consumed in the fresh state. Not only this, it also helps in increasing the concentration on work.
  2. Oregano: This ancient herb is very rich in Vitamin B6 and this richness enables it to produce the force against depression and bring calmness. The Oregano is also rich with the supply of chlorophyll and magnesium that help in the digestion process. Because of all these properties that the oregano has, it is used in different foods all over the world, so, that they can be digested properly.
  3. Tarragon: Is used worldwide equally on savory and sweet foods because it starts with lighter peppery taste but it ends up with a sweet taste. All these properties enable this herb to be used in different French cuisines and also in the making of salads and smoothies. Just like all other herbs, tarragon is also very rich in the compounds that are healthy for brain and digestion.
  4. Thyme: You can use this herb like anti-aging treatment, poor digestion and it also gives a boost to your brain. It can even uplift your mood and keep you happy or you can use it as an alternative to cinnamon. If you consume it with hot water and lemon it can increase your focus.
  5. Marjoram: Is used in many Mediterranean foods because of its properties that are similar to the other members of the mint family. It is very difficult to find this herb in its whole form but it is easily available in dried form. This will not be the problem because it can leave its impact on the food even in very small quantity.

natural herbs for brain

  1. Coriander: This herb belongs to the family of parsley, celery, and carrots. Like all other herbs, it actually lowers the stress level by doing an act of detoxification in the liver. It can also be used equally in sweet and savory foods. The qualities of coriander don’t end here, it is also very rich in Vitamin C that helps in uplifting the mood.
  2. Parsley: Rich in Vitamin C and K, parsley helps in enhancing anti-stress abilities, improving focus and also improving digestion. This herb has very powerful taste and that’s why it is used in smoothies and salads. Parsley also boosts the flow of blood to the brain which uplifts the mood and also improves the focus.
  3. Basil: Basil is the first cousin of mint that gives the same property as the mint but it also gives the sweet flavor. That’s why basil and mint are used for different purposes in different recipes. If a few leaves of basil are consumed, they can help in the fight against infection of different types and also against depression.
  4. Mint: This herb has been in use for humans for centuries because of its taste, smell and healing powers. It can not only give your food a good taste but it can also uplift your mood, it can heel your wounds and it can help you in digestion. The addition of this herb in different foods and smoothies helps to digest them properly. The food with mint is not difficult to digest at all.
  5. Rosemary: It is full of calcium and Vitamin B6 like many other herbs, and we can track the origin of rosemary in Mediterranean. Like all of its mint relatives, it is good for taste buds, brain, heart and stomach. Rosemary is mostly used on occasions like Thanksgiving and from this, its importance can be gauged. The property that differentiates rosemary from other herbs is that it gives physical strength to the body because of the powerful compounds that it contains.

These natural herbs can protect you against anxiety, poor digestion, depression and so many other problems associated with your body. They have so many hidden benefits, and it is always a good idea to use it like a tea, or to use it in your daily food menu.

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