10 Effective Acne Treatment Solutions for Adults

There are so many reasons, from which an adult woman can get acne in their middle age. The acne can be caused because of stress, because of hormonal change, depression, because of not having a healthy diet or because of the environment in which they are living.

effective adult acne treatment

Effective Solutions For Adult Acne

There are other reasons of which they can get acne and it is not possible to write down all of them, but it is very much possible to get rid of acne just by following these solutions.

1. Use Salicylic Acid to Treat Acne

Salicylic acid can be used in the form of different ointments, tubes, creams and gels. This acid reduces the redness and acne and it is used for the production of so many dermatologist products.

2. Take Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills can also treat acne because they can correct the hormonal imbalance during monthly cycles and they will not let the acne appear.

3. Cleanser with Bacteria-Killing Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinoids

use antibacterials to treat acne

Benzoyl peroxide can also be used along with topical antibacterials and retinoids as they are very good with stopping mild acne.

4.Reduce Your Stress Level

The best solution against the acne is to do yoga, jogging, walking or some other physical activity that keeps you away from stress because many times stress is solely responsible for acne.

5. Minimize Salt Intake

The reduction of salt from the daily food intake will also help in controlling acne.

6. Use Natural Tree Oil

tea tree oil solution for acne

Natural tree oil is in use for centuries in the Australian region as a remedy for acne.

7. Take Spironolactone to Cure Acne

Aldactone is in use again, this time now as a remedy against acne because it helps with the surge in testosterone.

8. Reduce Dairy Foods

A Harvard study in 2006, found that girls who take two or more glasses of milk daily had about a 20% higher risk of acne than those who had less than a glass a week. You need to consider switching to 1% milk if you regularly drink fat-free milk.

9. Try Blue Ray Therapy

blue ray solutions for adult acne

Blue ray therapy is in use in practice along with Levulan which is photodynamic therapy. But you should have in mind that this therapy is not insured and it may cause redness on the skin.

10. Reduce the Intake of Refined Carbs

EatingĀ a lot of junk food, chocolate and snacks don’t by itself seem to cause acne. But if you eat too many refined carbs and if you don’t have a balanced diet can cause problems like acne.

For most women, hormonal changes, either around the monthly cycle or during a menopausal shift can cause acne. But dietary imbalances, stress, and depression can also cause adult acne. Try these solutions and see how your adult acne disappear.

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